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5 Pay-per-click mistakes that drain your budget: What UK businesses need to know

Are you struggling with your pay per click management? Not getting the desired results? Then, it’s time to re-watch your PPC advertising campaign. PPC management London is one of the best digital marketing methods to reach your potential customers and drive sales, but only if you do it right.

To get the most out of your PPC marketing, you must ensure that you’re not making some common PPC mistakes. In this article, we will explore five mistakes that drain the budget of UK businesses.

1. Failing to plan your PPC campaign properly

Every top PPC advertising campaign requires a well-planned approach. Businesses often make the mistake of not doing thorough research on their potential market online. Buying pay per click ads without a proper strategy that outlines your business’s goals is like pouring money down the drain.

A strategy outlines how you will differentiate your products and services from your competitors, as well as how you will identify your potential customers, how much money you will spend on PPC marketing, how you will establish your important performance measures, and how you will structure your marketing.

2. Poor ad copy

Ad copy is the title, description and other text you use in your ad. An ad’s Clickthrough Rate (CTR) depends significantly on the copy. If you’re creating a pay per click ad campaign for the first time, writing an effective ad copy might be a little difficult. But there are specific ways you can improve it. The first approach is to analyse the ads of your competitors.

For example, search for your keyword and see the ads on other websites. Then, analyse their strategy and content. Similarly, when you see a display ad from pay per click advertising anywhere and feel like clicking it, then do a screenshot of that copy for reference.

When you write content for your pay per click ads, you should keep the objectives of your target audience in mind. In the headline section, try to include emotional triggers and numbers. Next, make sure that your keyword is part of the content. At last, write multiple versions of your PPC advertising copy to see which one works the best for you.

3. Ignoring landing page quality

Many pay per click advertising companies focus so much on creating a PPC advertising campaign that they forget to analyse the quality of the landing page. When you run Google Ads, it considers the quality of your landing page and then assigns a score. The score depends on the quality of the content, loading time for desktop and mobile devices, and its relevance to the target audience.

If your landing page’s quality score is bad, you will pay higher bids for the keywords than your competitors. Also, if your landing page doesn’t load quickly, people abandon it anyway, and the ads will prove to be useless.

4. Using more than necessary keywords

Keywords are important, but keyword stuffing is bad. Every leading PPC specialist learns this during the training. A common PPC mistake that UK businesses often make is stuffing all relevant keywords into their campaign simultaneously. You must avoid doing this.

In pay per click advertising, you should meet people at various stages during their buying journey. Some of them are just researching, some are browsing, and some are actively looking for a product or service. When you stuff keywords, this segmentation gets ruined, and every target audience is driven to your pay per click ads, making them irrelevant.

5. Not split testing

With split testing, you can use the data and technology to your advantage. The role of split testing is to help you understand what type of pay per click ads will perform better for a specific PPC advertising campaign.

So, if you’re not using it, you’re making a big PPC mistake. Performing split testing can help to increase the conversion rate. The best way to do it is to create several variations of a single ad by modifying one or two aspects. Then, analyse the changes in the ad performance. With this, you can finalise the ad to proceed with.

The bottom line

PPC mistakes can drain your budget if you let them pile up. PPC management by a reliable and trusted agency like Telsa Media can help you avoid these mistakes. Knowing about them and correcting them on time can help you not waste valuable resources. It will ensure your budget is used wisely and brings the desired results.

They offer affordable packages so you can benefit from PPC ads and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. Their professional experts use every possible strategy to help your business reach.

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