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Cost of LivingFree Boiler Scheme for Low Income Households UK - Apply Now 2024

Free Boiler Scheme for Low Income Households UK – Apply Now 2024

If you’re dedicated to embracing sustainable living and reducing carbon footprints, the U.K. government is actively contributing to these goals. In 2013, it introduced the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to assist low-income households in combating fuel poverty and enhancing energy efficiency within communities. Over the years, various schemes have been implemented under the ECO umbrella, with the most recent addition being the ECO4 scheme, initiated in April 2022.

The ECO4 scheme presents an opportunity for individuals to participate in the free boiler scheme, which aims to replace outdated boilers while simultaneously easing the financial burdens associated with them. In this overview, with help from FreeBoilerGrantsUK.com we’ll dive into the intricacies of the free boiler scheme, shedding light on its objectives, eligibility criteria, and the myriad benefits it extends to homeowners seeking to adopt energy-efficient solutions and reduce heating expenses, among other advantages.

What is the Free Boiler Scheme?

The free boiler scheme is a government-backed initiative that runs under the ECO4 scheme. It gets its grants from the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers which include British Gas, EDF, E. ON, nPower, SSE, and Scottish Power. As previously mentioned, the free boiler scheme seeks to replace the old boilers to help attain high energy efficiency, maintain the carbon prints at a low and cut costs at the same time. 

The free boiler scheme enjoys a good share of the £1 billion that is allocated annually to the larger ECO4 scheme that is to run till March 2026. This has enabled the free boiler scheme to not only source experienced professionals who have working experiences of more than 15 years but also top-spec boilers that work to meet the scheme’s projections and long-term objectives.

By working with local authorities, homeowners and private landlords, the free boiler scheme has made the replacements become a reality since a good number of U.K. citizens can now qualify for the free A-rated boilers.

Looking at the costs of the old boilers compared to the new boilers under the free boiler scheme, you will have zero doubts about the efficiency of the new set. For instance, boilers that are older than 7 years have an operation efficiency of about 65% which is quite low. This translates to a loss of 35% on every pound spent on heating. On the other hand, the new boilers A-rated boilers under the scheme are expected to provide at least 90% efficiency and hence reduced losses.

Benefits of the Free Boiler Scheme

Enhanced energy efficiency

The free boiler scheme gives you access to modern, energy-efficient heating systems. With the design to maximize energy efficiency, the free boilers under the scheme lead to reduced energy consumption and, subsequently, lower utility bills. The overall impact is a more sustainable energy production with extremely high efficiency.

Cost savings over time

The free boiler scheme offers significant long-term financial benefits that come as a result of lower energy consumption. As we had mentioned earlier, the new boilers have at least 90% efficiency. This efficiency means that you can get the same energy you need but at lower costs, providing financial relief in the form of decreased utility bills.

Reduced Carbon Emissions 

The free boiler scheme is in alignment with environmental conservation efforts. By encouraging the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. So, by being part of the free boiler scheme, you play a great role in creating an eco-friendly living environment, which is in line with the broader sustainability goals in the U.K.

Better insurance deals

Once you are a benefactor of the free boiler scheme, you ought to make contact with your insurer to get your premiums reviewed. Chances are, you will get reduced premiums as the new boilers are deemed to be safer and more predictable compared to the older models, making them viable for lower premiums.

Improved home comfort

The installation of a new, efficient free boiler under the scheme translates to improved home comfort. This is because these modern systems are designed to provide consistent and reliable heating, ensuring a comfortable living space. Being a part of the free boiler scheme will help you enjoy better temperature control and reliability, enhancing overall comfort as you will have greater control.

Professional installation and aftercare

With us, you will benefit from the expertise of certified and fully accredited home heating experts. As the installation process is handled by professionals you are guaranteed not only a smooth transition to the new boiler but also the proper disposal of the old unit. Additionally, post-installation safety inspections are conducted, providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety and functionality of your heating systems.

Streamlined process with no hassle

One of the primary benefits of the free boiler scheme is the ease of participation. You do not need to navigate complex paperwork or coordinate the installation process. Having a dedicated team associated with the scheme takes care of everything, from organizing grants to overseeing the installation, allowing you to experience the benefits without any additional burden.

Eligibility Criteria for the Free Boiler Scheme

Do you want to know if you are eligible for the free boiler scheme? It will only take you less than a minute to do so. By simply inputting your postcode on the free boiler scheme platform, you are bound to get your response in under 60 seconds. Better yet, here are the set of requirements that ought to be met should you want to check your eligibility status for the free boiler scheme.

  1. Homeowner in the U.K.

To qualify for the free boiler scheme, the primary requirement is that you must be a homeowner in the United Kingdom. This means individuals who own the property where the boiler is installed are eligible, as opposed to those who are renting or residing in a property they do not own.

  1. The Boiler must be 7+ years old

The second criterion that must be met is that the existing boiler in your home should be at least 7 years old. This is for the sole reason that the scheme is designed to target older boilers that are less energy-efficient. You may wonder why 7+ years old. Well, the free boiler scheme assumes that repairing the existing boiler which is less than 7 years old would be a more cost-effective option than opting for a replacement under the scheme. 

  1. You must have income-related benefits

The eligibility for the free boiler scheme is linked to income-related benefits. This includes various financial assistance programs and benefits that are provided by the government. So, if you are an Individual who receives income-related benefits, you are generally considered eligible. This is because the free boiler scheme is designed to assist those with lower incomes. Doing so ensures that the support is directed towards households that struggle with the cost of upgrading their boilers.

To qualify for the free boiler scheme, you must enjoy one or more of the following income-related benefits:

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Income-related Employment Support Allowance
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Guaranteed Credit (excludes Savings Credit)
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits
  • Ministry of Justice Benefits
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Child Benefit
  1. Oil, gas, LPG, and/or electric supply

Last but not least, the type of energy supply to your home also plays a role in eligibility for the free boiler scheme. This is because the scheme covers a range of heating systems, including those powered by oil, gas, LPG, and/or electric sources. This inclusivity in the energy sources ensures that homeowners using various energy sources stand to benefit from the free boiler scheme and as a result, promote a comprehensive approach to improving energy efficiency across different heating systems.

Should you meet the eligibility criteria, our service comes at absolutely no cost to you – no need for any effort on your part. Our dedicated team will handle the entire process, coordinating your grant and overseeing the installation of your new boiler from commencement to conclusion with all installations conducted by certified and fully accredited home heating experts.

What about those who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for the free boiler scheme? All is not lost as there exists the buy-now-pay-later option that comes with discounted prices. All you have to do is reach out to our team and discuss further on the same.

Steps to Enroll in the Free Boiler Scheme

  • Enter your postcode – The first step is to enter your postcode to check for eligibility based on your area and then fill in the required information. 
  • Book your free survey – Once eligibility is confirmed, you can schedule a free survey after which our in-house professional heating specialist will arrange a convenient appointment to visit your home. During this survey, we will guide you through the process and ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed on your behalf.
  • Boiler installation – After the survey, an installation date is set. Our team of engineers, known for their professionalism and courtesy, will then proceed to handle the installation process. This includes the collection and disposal of your old boiler, installation of the new one, and a commitment to leaving no mess behind.
  • Enjoy instant benefit – Following the successful installation, you can immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of your upgraded boiler.

After the new boiler is installed, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction and that is why a thorough safety inspection is conducted to ensure the optimal functioning of your new boiler. You can rest assured that our heating specialists uphold the highest standards of expertise in the industry. So you should relax and get your peace of mind.


In closing remarks, the free boiler scheme is not just as a government-backed initiative but as a transformative force for homeowners seeking to navigate the complex world of energy efficiency. This is because, beyond the immediate financial relief and reduced carbon footprint the free boiler scheme offers, it embodies a commitment to enhancing lives through access to modern, energy-efficient heating systems.

As we celebrate the tangible benefits of cost savings, improved home comfort, and a positive environmental impact, it is worth noting that the scheme extends even further, offering participants access to better insurance deals for added peace of mind. By participating in this initiative, you will not only secure a more sustainable and economically sound future for yourself but also actively contribute to a collective movement towards a greener, more energy-conscious society.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Free Boiler Scheme contribute to environmental sustainability?

The Free Boiler Scheme goes beyond cost savings, actively contributing to environmental sustainability. By targeting older boilers, the initiative addresses energy inefficiency and promotes the reduction of carbon emissions. Upgrading to more efficient models aligns with broader eco-friendly goals, fostering a greener living environment.

Can I participate in the scheme if my boiler is younger than 7 years?

Unfortunately, the scheme excludes boilers younger than 7 years. This intentional focus on older units stems from the assumption that repairing these boilers would be more cost-effective than outright replacement. The scheme prioritizes those with potentially less efficient, aging systems.

What innovative technologies are covered under the Free Boiler Scheme?

The Free Boiler Scheme encompasses a range of innovative heating technologies, from advanced gas systems to cutting-edge electric models. The inclusivity ensures that homeowners with diverse energy needs can benefit from the latest advancements in energy-efficient heating.

Will the new boiler installation disrupt my daily life?

The installation process is engineered for minimal disruption. Our professional team not only installs the new boiler but also arranges for the collection and disposal of the old unit, leaving no mess behind. Homeowners can expect a seamless transition without the typical inconveniences associated with such upgrades.

Can I customize the type of boiler installed to suit my preferences?

While homeowners may not choose a specific model, the scheme considers your home’s unique needs when determining the type of boiler to install. The focus is on providing a tailored solution that aligns with your property’s characteristics, ensuring optimal efficiency.

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