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technologyLife360 Introduces Instant Landing Alerts for Enhanced Air Travel Insight within App

Life360 Introduces Instant Landing Alerts for Enhanced Air Travel Insight within App

  • Rolling out this week, the product update alerts Life360 members when someone from their circle touches down from a flight.
  • The feature offers families added peace of mind as the 2024 travel season ramps up and is available to all Life360 members.

Gear up for ascent! Life360, the foremost app in family safety and locational services, cherished by over 66 million users each month, proudly unveils its most recent in-app innovation today: Landing Notifications. This cutting-edge functionality automatically informs members when anyone in their Circle has safely landed, thereby amplifying family reassurance. Debuting this week, Landing Notifications are designed to simplify monitoring the travel itineraries of family members for all Life360 users.

“As we introduce Landing Notifications, our aim remains consistent: to elevate the experience for our valued members,” declared Chris Hulls, Founder and CEO of Life360. “We are committed to equipping our members with tools that streamline their daily lives. We recognise the significance of travel within our community, and thus, Landing Notifications embodies our dedication to keeping our members seamlessly connected with their loved ones.”

Landing Notifications in the Life360 application provide a direct, real-time method to circumvent the typical delays and inaccuracies of standard flight tracking platforms, eliminating the need to wait for travel updates from the traveller themselves. The application does not require specific flight details to function and adeptly monitors all flights, be they domestic or international. By leveraging the mobile device’s sensors to gauge location, altitude, and speed, Life360’s flight detection algorithm precisely calculates both takeoff and landing times, maintaining accuracy even in airplane mode, ensuring Circle members receive notifications promptly upon the traveller’s reconnection to a network.

Additionally, Landing Notifications bring a novel movement indicator to the Life360 map, introducing an aircraft symbol for user’s first time. This indicator helps users see when a Circle member is airborne. The app displays different icons based on the mode of travel, enhancing the real-time understanding of Circle members’ whereabouts. These intuitive icons, alongside Focus Mode, allow for an immediate overview of a Circle member’s current velocity and position.

Life360, with its global user base of over 66 million and four million in the UK alone, empowers its community to share their live locations and movements with their closest contacts effortlessly. Beyond location sharing and Landing Notifications, Life360 enriches its suite of services with driving analytics, crash detection, emergency response, and more, all aimed at improving safety and connection. Life360’s ownership of Tile, the Bluetooth tracking brand, further enables users to integrate their most valued possessions and essentials into their Life360 map, ensuring effortless tracking and peace of mind for the entire family.

For more information on Landing Notifications and other initiatives, visit Life360 on FacebookXInstagramYouTube.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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