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HOUSE OF KHAN – Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II, Member of the House of Khan, British Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

About Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II
Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II was a British Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Member of the House of Khan, an old influential Noble house. Born in Istanbul Turkey 4 May 1881, died in London England 21 June 1948. He was educated in Switzerland at the University of Zurich.

House of Khan Noble Lineage
Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II was raised within an aristocratic and influential Noble house, the prominent House of Khan, an institution steeped in centuries of nobility and distinction.

His upbringing within this illustrious lineage gave him a heritage that valued tradition, refinement, and an unwavering commitment to cultural excellence. Beyond his roles as a British aristocrat, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II exhibited a multifaceted persona, His passion for equestrian sports was palpable as he excelled as distinguished Polo Player, embodying a deep-seated love for horsemanship.

Each facet of his varied interests contributed to the rich tapestry of his character, enriching his understanding of the world and infusing depth into his perspectives. Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II was educated in Switzerland at the University of Zurich, in years to come his deep connection and love for Switzerland saw him spend much of his time at the family estate in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Khans Enterprising vision
Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II’s cosmopolitan upbringing and extensive travels to Europe culminated in his pivotal move to England in the early 1920s. This transformative shift laid the groundwork for the House of Khan legacy, fostering diversification across numerous industries. His visionary leadership propelled the Hallmark of the noble houses legacy brand ‘HOUSE OF KHAN’ into diverse domains, including Land acquisitions and real estate, marking its expansive footprint in the business landscape.

Sir Pasha Isa Effendi Khan II Founded the British division of the family organization House of Khan Limited in England in 1926, which invested in British commerce operational with its parent companies in Europe, Asia and Turkey.

About House of Khan
The House of Khan is an old influential aristocratic Noble house, renowned for their immense wealth, philanthropy and art collections in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

House of Khan History
House of Khan is a Noble house that embodies a legacy steeped in nobility and excellence, distinguishable in their venerated coat of arms and crest. With roots tracing back to as early as the 1700s, across successive generations, the family’s influence has had an impact worldwide. Its members achieving distinction as diplomats, academics, and innovators in real estate throughout Europe, Asia, and Turkey. Their residences, dispersed across continents, stand as custodians, preserving the deep cultural heritage embedded within the family’s legacy.

Continuation of a Legacy
The Khan Archive and Trusts continuous work in the business sphere and philanthropic endeavors underscore the unwavering commitment to preserve the timeless House of Khan heritage.
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