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Inc & Co Explores Why Acquisitions Fail and the Challenges of Buying Failing Businesses

At Inc & Co, it is believed that every business should have the support and skills to succeed, but in a world of uncertainties, not everyone can make a success of a once optimistic venture. Since its inception in 2019, Inc & Co has brought some exceptional companies into its group through strategic acquisitions and learned its fair share of lessons along the way.

We’re looking at some of the challenges you might face in similar circumstances and how these can be avoided with the help of some expert advice. 

Cultural Misalignment  

One of the most significant challenges in the aftermath of an acquisition is the integration of different company cultures. When two companies with distinct cultures merge, the clash can lead to a breakdown in communication, a decrease in employee morale, and, ultimately, a failure to achieve the synergies initially anticipated from the merger. “Understanding and bridging cultural gaps is essential for a smooth integration process,” notes Jack Mason, Group CEO of Inc & Co. “It’s a process that has to be handled with care and patience and with a lot of understanding for the situation of that current business.”    

A Lack of Clear Vision  

Post-acquisition failures often stem from a need for a clear, strategic vision for the combined entity. Without a unified direction, the acquired company can flounder, unable to integrate effectively with its new parent company. Inc & Co’s approach involves setting out a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines how the acquired business will fit within the organisation’s broader objectives. This plan serves as a roadmap to guide the integration process and ensure all stakeholders are aligned towards a common goal. 

Inadequate Due Diligence  

The due diligence phase is critical in any acquisition, yet it’s often where many companies fall short. As Investopedia explains, sometimes it’s only clear how much of a success your M&A or acquisitions will be once you’ve given it some time to play out. Inc & Co stress the necessity of thorough due diligence, not just in financial terms but also in assessing operational processes, technological infrastructure, and legal liabilities. Skipping or rushing through this step can lead to unexpected challenges post-acquisition, such as uncovering undisclosed debts or legal issues that can jeopardise the success of the merger.  

Integration Challenges  

Even with thorough preparation, the integration phase presents its own set of challenges. It’s worth pointing out that integrating systems, processes, and people requires meticulous planning and execution. Failure to effectively integrate can result in operational disruptions, inefficiencies, and a loss of key talent, all of which can derail the acquisition’s success. Effective integration is a deliberate and sustained effort, requiring commitment from all levels of the organisation. 

Overestimation of Synergies  

A common pitfall in the acquisition process is the overestimation of synergies. Companies often project optimistic scenarios where cost savings and revenue enhancements are overestimated. Inc & Co advocates for a realistic assessment of potential synergies, considering the complexities and costs of merging two businesses. A pragmatic approach to evaluating synergies can prevent disappointment and financial shortfalls down the line.

Navigating the Mergers & Acquisitions Landscape  

The landscape of mergers and acquisitions is fraught with challenges, but with careful planning, thorough due diligence, and strategic execution, the potential pitfalls can be navigated successfully. Inc & Co’s exploration of the common reasons behind post-acquisition failures highlights the need for a holistic approach to M&A that considers cultural, strategic, and operational dimensions. As companies continue to seek growth through acquisitions, understanding these complexities will be vital to ensuring the long-term success of their M&A endeavours.  

Inc & Co are a private equity firm that partners with aspiring businesses looking to fulfil their unrealised potential and accelerate growth. If you’re looking to speak to a specialist in private equity, mergers & acquisition, or distressed business turnarounds then get in contact with the team.

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