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Lifestyle and WellbeingCupid's Oversight: 44% of Women Unimpressed by Valentine's Gestures

Cupid’s Oversight: 44% of Women Unimpressed by Valentine’s Gestures

Navigating the waters of Valentine’s Day gifting can be daunting. Love Discount Vouchers has delved into the attitudes and tendencies of those purchasing gifts, revealing valuable trends that promise to guide your followers in honouring love, cost-effectively, while guaranteeing Cupid’s arrow finds its target.

Key Findings:
  • Food and beverages make the best gifts
  • 60% of buyers want a deal at Valentine’s Day
  • 44% of women said they had been disappointed at Valentines
  • Only 11% of men  were disappointed
  • Over 55+ tend to spend the least with 25-34’s splashing the cash
  • Women believe they are the superior gift givers
What gifts do the UK really want this Valentine’s Day:


Food and Beverages | 19%
Personalised Gifts | 17%
Experiences | 11%
Flowers | 10%
Holidays | 9%
Jewellery | 6%
Art and Creativity | 5%
Technology and Gadgets | 5%


Card | 3%
Beauty and Personal Care | 3%
Fashion and Accessories | 3%
Home and Living | 3%
Subscription Services | 3%
Other | 1%
Books and Literature | 1%

Bargain Hunting Lovebirds:Surprisingly, nearly 60% of respondents identified as bargain hunters, actively seeking online deals for special occasions. It seems love doesn’t have to break the bank.

Gender Disparity in Disappointment:

44% of women confessed disappointment with Valentine’s Day gifts, whilst only 11% of men felt similarly let down. Are men more adept at the art of gift-giving, or do women have higher expectations?

The Battle of the Stars:

Females rated themselves as superior gift-givers, awarding an impressive 4.6 out of 6 stars, whilst men were not far behind with an average self-rating of 4.3 stars. The battle of the sexes extends to the realm of presents.

Age and Spending Habits:

The age group 25-34 takes the lead in Valentine’s spending, shelling out between £25-£50 on gifts for their other halves. Meanwhile, those aged 55+ are more frugal, spending the least. On average, people spend around £0-£25 on Valentine’s gifts.

Gift Gender Gap:

The struggle to find the perfect gift is real. “Gifts for him” is searched 228k times, whereas “gifts for her” lags behind at 132k searches. Are men being neglected in the gift content creation sphere? Or are they just better at dropping hints?

Instagram Insights:

#valentinesgiftsforhim on Instagram has 36.9k posts, whilst #valentinesgiftsforher boasts a more substantial 63.1k posts. Are women receiving more thoughtful gifts, or are men just not sharing their treasures on social media?

Hit or Miss Gifts:

Surprisingly, flowers, books, and subscription services ranked as the least popular gifts. Food/beverages, experiences, and personalised gifts however emerged as winners. But beware – chocolates can be a risky choice if you don’t know your partner’s favourite. Nobody wants a petrol station last-minute pick (or PicNic).

Worst Gifts Confessions:

Our audience shared some laugh-out-loud tales of their worst Valentine’s Day gifts, from unexpected hamsters to awkward picture frames. Share your own worst gift in your article!

Read what our survey takers said:
  • A hamster – “I had a long distance relationship at the time and he thought it would keep me company. I had never shown interest in hamsters. Message to mankind: unless discussed, don’t buy livestock for women.”
  • Personalised coffee cup – “We broke up shortly after and I kept forgetting to bin it. So I would see our faces as soon as I woke up.”
  • Washing up gloves – “I complained my hands were getting sore.”
  • A picture frame – “My great aunt had my wedding picture put into a frame. The frame was hideous and had 2 cupids with arrows on the top two corners and all these yellow, gold swirls down the side. It was truly awful. Picture with my husband on our wedding day.  Funny bit was we’d been divorced over 10 years and I’d been with my current partner for as long as 7 years. We laughed all the way home. Luckily my partner has a great sense of humour. The tale still comes out at parties, bbqs etc.”
Don’t become one of Love Discount Vouchers stats. Gift better this Valentine’s Day. Curated from our insightful survey, discover what your significant other would truly love this Valentine’s Day:
For the foodies

20% of our survey respondents said they wanted food- and beverage-based gifts:

1.Chanoine Frères ‘Réserve Privée’ Brut Champagne 2014

From Majestic Wine

2. Personalised Special Year Espresso Martini With Music

With Not on The High Street

3. Valentine’s Day Sweets & Gifts

With One Pound Sweets

4. Whiskey Subscription 

With Pour and Sip

5. Classic Coffee Collection 

With Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
For those who want an experience

11% of our survey respondents said they wanted an activity/experience-based gift:

1. “UK Wide Adventure Gift Voucher” 

From Adventure Tours UK

2. Booking.com London stays

With Booking.com

3. Whistle Punks Axe Throwing 

With Not on The High Street

4. Vintage Cinema And Cocktails Experience For Two

With Not on The High Street

5. A day out at Flip Out 

With Flip Out
Don’t forget to order your card for the big day – plus with Love Discount Vouchers you can get up to 30% off. 
If you want to spread the love and most importantly discounts, spread the latest stats so your readers can have a great Valentine’s Day!
Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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