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NewsMiriam Farid Spearheads Inaugural End Violence Month on November 9th, 2024, Under...

Miriam Farid Spearheads Inaugural End Violence Month on November 9th, 2024, Under the Auspices of End Violence UK Ltd

In today’s society, an alarming number of women and girls are subjected to a grave injustice – violence. It’s a harrowing reality where one in three women endure pain or harm, often at the hands of someone they hold dear. This unacceptable situation inflicts profound physical and emotional wounds on victims, hindering their full participation in society and exacerbating difficulties for their families and the wider community.

Despite numerous nations enacting laws to combat this violence, the issue persists at an alarming rate, often without adequate intervention to curb it. This ongoing violence places a strain on healthcare systems and impedes individuals’ ability to perform optimally in their professional lives.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope, thanks to Miriam Farid’s proactive approach. She founded End Violence UK Ltd with a singular goal: to eradicate violence against women and girls across the globe. She’s launching an influential initiative named End Violence Month on November 9th, inviting everyone to play a part in this crucial movement.

The Vision of Miriam Farid

Miriam Farid, the formidable founder of End Violence UK, harbours a compelling vision to foster a world devoid of violence. Drawing from her personal encounters with adversity, including Early Childhood Trauma and a litany of abuses culminating in a forced child marriage, Miriam chose to channel her suffering into a force for positive change.

Her initiative to establish End Violence Month each November 9th signifies a monumental stride towards her aspirational goal. This dedicated period aims to heighten awareness and mobilize action against violence on a global scale, with Miriam’s resilience and resolve serving as a beacon of inspiration for collective engagement in this noble cause.

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Empowering Individuals to Act

Miriam underscores the significance of individual contributions in the daunting battle against violence. End Violence UK’s campaign seeks to enlighten communities about violence’s far-reaching effects while promoting trauma-informed care and overall well-being. Miriam advocates for a shared sense of responsibility, encouraging everyone to partake in fostering safer environments.

Who is Miriam Farid?

Miriam Farid, a distinguished author and advocate for human rights based in Bradford, United Kingdom, exemplifies the power of perseverance. As the biracial daughter of Patricia Florence Suthers and Mohammed Farid, her life’s journey is a testament to her steadfast dedication to peace and justice.

Join the Movement

End Violence UK Ltd welcomes volunteers to join its vital mission to eliminate violence globally. The initiative particularly calls on those who have endured various forms of violence to voice their support for transformative change. End Violence Month aspires to broaden its influence by collaborating with a diverse array of organizations, from charities to corporate and educational institutions, fostering a united front against violence.

Why We Need End Violence Month…

End Violence Month stands as a pivotal moment of societal awareness, rallying individuals and groups around the urgent cause of combating violence. It complements other critical movements, such as Anti-Violence Month and Women and Girls Month, highlighting the interconnected nature of social justice initiatives. By tackling violence against women, we lay the groundwork for equality, development, and peace, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals’ ethos of inclusivity and advancement.

Final Thoughts

Miriam Farid’s launch of End Violence Month marks a significant leap towards a world free from violence. Believing in the strength of community action and engagement, Miriam calls upon us all to support this movement and drive change. Together, we have the potential to reshape our world into a safer, more just space for everyone.

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Sam Allcock
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