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Lifestyle and WellbeingSkater character identity revealed for expanding games studio Radical Forge

Skater character identity revealed for expanding games studio Radical Forge

Today, Manchester-based, multi-award winning creative studio Flow reveals its latest project for fast growing alternative games studio Radical Forge.

Intersecting art, culture, games and music, the brand new identity is a b RF tote bag mockup old representation of Radical Forge’s unique company culture, anarchic punk influence and creative approach. A complete departure from the usual games studio brand narratives.

What makes the work stand out is the creation – and use – of a new brand mascot ‘Flip’, a radical raccoon who personifies Radical Forge and will be found skateboarding, game playing, and rocking out across all brand communications.

Flow has created a whole new kit of parts for Radical Forge, including a new logo, website, a bespoke type mark, an updated digital-first colour palette, comprehensive brand guidelines and more.

It will be used across multiple windows, devices and platforms, including their range of exclusive merchandise such as skateboards (pictured) and hoodies.

The brief was to build an identity that better represents Radical Forge’s business culture, inclusive approach, diverse team, anarchic attitude, fast growth, technical expertise and creative bravery – always staying true to their origins as an independent free-thinking studio while bringing uniformity and alignment to their communications.

Karl Doran, Flow’s CEO, said: “The new brand introduces a fresh look that better aligns with Radical Forge’s irreverent attitude and unconventional culture. With regular team skating sessions and group outings to Slam Dunk Festival, we needed to celebrate their unique-ness while strengthening their identity and highlighting their expertise.

“Flip embodies the studio’s multifaceted personality, merging a sense of humour and love for mosh pits with northern warmth and friendliness, while being cheeky and cool. Why a raccoon? Why not?! They have a lot of personality, are funny, full of character and very distinctive.”

Founded in 2017 by Technical Artist Bruce Slater and Unity Engineer Freddie Babord, Radical Forge has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse team of over 60 individuals.

Last month saw the release of their latest original IP game, a chaotic, physics-based farming game called Southfield, to critical acclaim and recognition across titles such as IGN, TechRadar and GamesRadar.

Bruce Slater, Radical Forge CEO and creative director said: “We had a wild time working with Flow on the next evolution of Radical Forge’s branding. We knew we had to stick true to who we are, and Flow got that. It’s a major challenge to design punk branding for a games studio. This industry often sheds its alternative skin when success comes knocking, but Flow helped us embrace ours and double down.”

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