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BlogThe benefits of zip and link divan beds

The benefits of zip and link divan beds

Zip and link divan beds provide a uniquely adaptable solution for customisable comfort, combining two separate mattresses and bases into one seamless super king or king bed.

They are ideal for guest bedrooms and couples with different body weights because you can choose a different mattress firmness for each side.

Is a zip and link bed right for you? We cover the benefits below. 

What is a zip and link divan bed?

zip and link divan bed consists of two separate divan bases that can be connected to create a larger bed. The bases connect using sturdy metal links on the sides, and the special zip and link mattresses designed for these systems feature durable zippers that securely join the two mattresses into one surface.

Zip and link beds allow you to convert between twin beds and a king or super king bed on the fly. Two small single mattresses make up a king bed; for a super king, it’s two single (90cm wide) mattresses.

Benefits for couples with differing sleep needs

The most significant advantage of zip and link beds for couples is the ability to customise each side of the bed. Couples can select a different mattress firmness, depth, or type for each portion of the bed to accommodate their different body types, sleeping positions, and comfort needs to get the best night’s sleep.

In many cases, the zipped seam between the mattresses is below the mattress surface and away from the centre of the bed, so it won’t be noticeable or cause discomfort for couples.

Flexible guest room configuration

Zip and link divan beds offer lodging providers tremendous flexibility with the ability to create a twin or king room. The twin beds can be configured as two single beds to accommodate friends travelling together or couples who prefer their own space.

This adjustability maximises occupancy rates and guest satisfaction, and the sturdy linking system ensures the connected beds feel stable and seamless.

Easier mattress maintenance


Pictured: Giltedge Beds Cloud 3000 Zip & Link 5FT King size Divan Bed, (Zip and Link beds as the name suggests allows you to easily unlink into two single beds, which is ideal for guest houses etc.)

As zip and link beds split a king or super king mattress in half, the weight and size of each mattress are reduced, so rotating and flipping the mattresses is much simpler – this helps promote even wear and extend a mattress’s usable life.

The dual mattresses also provide additional internal support through their central walls, which can improve durability and resilience compared to single-piece king-size mattresses.

Enhanced delivery convenience

The delivery and installation of large king and super king mattresses can be challenging when accessing upstairs bedrooms or navigating tight staircases.

Zip and link beds solve this issue by separating into more portable, simple components to manoeuvre into position.

Once in the bedroom, the zip and link bed bases connect seamlessly, and the zipped mattresses create a unified sleeping surface, helping streamline delivery while still allowing for an expansive and luxurious bed.

No shortage of mattress options

Zip and link divan bases accommodate a nearly unlimited selection of mattress technologies and firmness levels. Mattress options include:


  • Pocket spring: Pocket spring mattresses provide progressive support through hundreds or thousands of individual pocketed springs. You can choose soft, medium, medium-firm, or firm tensions paired to suit your comfort preferences for both sides of the bed.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses contour closely to your body for pressure relief and motion isolation. Select soft or firm mattresses depending on your needs.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses have excellent responsiveness from the springs and conforming comfort layers up top. The dual construction promotes airflow to keep sleepers cool.
  • Latex: All-natural latex foam mattresses offer excellent pressure point relief, durability, breathability, and antimicrobial qualities.

When selecting two different mattresses for a zip and link bed, the only real factor to bear in mind is getting the thickness the same so that they sit flush in the middle.


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