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BlogThe art of cigar presentation: Showcasing your collection in style

The art of cigar presentation: Showcasing your collection in style

When you enjoy smoking cigars, you want to share the joy with others – including showing them off in your home.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can display them if you’re a cigar enthusiast. This can be a talking point when you have guests at your house, plus it can be something that puts you in a good mood.

If you have a large collection of various cigars, you can enjoy showcasing them so they’re easy to choose from. Here are some tips on displaying cigars in your home.

The Importance of a humidor

Everybody wants their humidor to look good. Indeed, the presentation makes you feel
proud of your collection, and you want to show it off to guests and visitors to your home.

Remember when you’re looking for a humidor, that its biggest job is storing the cigars correctly. So, you always want to purchase a design that provides the best environment for cigars, allowing you to control humidity and temperature.

There are plenty of humidor designs to choose from. Whether you’re interested in a
desktop or cabinet humidor, ensure a reputable company creates it. For instance,
Northwoods Humidors are renowned for their cigar humidors. They’re made from high-
quality materials with great craftsmanship. Plus, you can choose a size that will suit your

The significance of cigar presentation

Cigar presentation is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about setting the mood and creating a sense of occasion. Think about the anticipation that builds when you open a well- presented box of cigars or the feeling of luxury when you select one from an exquisite
display. It’s about making your cigar smoking experience truly special.

Choosing the right display

When it comes to displaying your cigars, you have various options. Consider a humidor with display features, or even a custom solution tailored to your collection’s size and style. Think about what suits your space and your personal taste. In particular, a humidor can have a glass appearance, which allows you to see inside and admire your cigars. After all, you don’t want to be opening it up all the time, as this can affect the temperature and humidity inside.

Elegant display ideas

Now, let’s get creative. Organise your cigars by brand, size, or type for an elegant display.
Use decorative items like cigar bands, labels, or accessories to add a touch of flair. A well-
organized collection not only looks impressive but also helps you find the perfect cigar for
the moment. It’s all ready to go when you want one.

Maintenance and care

Remember, a stylish presentation is not just about looks. Maintaining the quality of your
cigars is crucial. Ensure that your cigars are stored at the right temperature and humidity to preserve their taste and aroma. There are accessories you can purchase for traditional
humidors that will ensure the right environment. Regular cleaning and care keep your
collection looking its best.

Cigar presentation and home decor

Integrating your cigar display with your home decor can enhance your space. Whether your
style is modern, traditional, or eclectic, there are ways to seamlessly incorporate your
collection into your interior design. Your cigar presentation can be an extension of your
personal style.

Showcasing vintage and limited-edition cigars

Vintage and limited-edition cigars deserve special attention. Highlight their uniqueness by
giving them a prominent place in your display. Consider using glass-front humidors to
showcase these treasures, allowing you to admire them without opening the box. There are
even some cabinets that have spotlights.


Accessories can make a significant difference in your cigar presentation. Consider decorative ashtrays, elegant cigar cutters, and ambient lighting solutions to elevate the atmosphere. These items not only enhance the experience but also add a touch of luxury.


Make your cigar presentation truly yours by personalising it. Monogram, engrave, or create
custom storage solutions. Your collection is an expression of your personality, and
customisation adds a unique touch.


In the world of cigars, presentation is an art. Your cigars are more than just smokes; they’re testament to your passion and style. So, go ahead, and create a cigar display that’s as remarkable as your collection. Showcase your cigars with the care and attention they
deserve, and enjoy the luxury and sophistication of the cigar-smoking experience.

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