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BusinessA Perfect fit: Expanding your business from Manchester to Ireland

A Perfect fit: Expanding your business from Manchester to Ireland

Expanding your business to a new country can be a pivotal move for growth and success, but it’s also a difficult decision to make. Where to go? Do you hire anyone? How long can you stay and run the business?

For entrepreneurs based in Manchester, Ireland presents a compelling destination to expand their business horizons. It’s got an indelible link to the northern city, and a strong Irish community spirit at its heart, with some of its most famous sons having Irish descent.

Some 35% of Manchester residents are thought to have ancestry from the Emerald Isle, and the Irish community in Manchester is one of the cities largest and oldest, having formed over centuries. The Mancunian cotton industry attracted Irish migrants over to build new lives – there’s even a street known as ‘Little Ireland!’ 

As you embark on this journey, you’ll find that legal expertise is paramount to making a move between the two countries a success. 

Legal support

The importance of legal support cannot be overstated. Immigration solicitors in Ireland play a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of immigration and business laws, which have become more complex in recent years, and now operate under transitional laws put in place to maintain stability.

This means that Mancunians looking to open new businesses will need to be extra vigilant of how the process could change in the near future, as well as how it operates right now. Solicitors can assist in many ways: 

  • Visa and immigration support: Immigration solicitors can guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary visas for your staff and key personnel. They can provide insights into the different business visa categories and ensure that you remain compliant. 
  • Business formation: Setting up a business in a new country involves legal complexities. Immigration solicitors are well-versed in Irish business law, helping you establish your venture correctly. They can advise on the appropriate measures, applications and compliance issues. 
  • Regulatory compliance: Ireland has a robust regulatory framework, and is highly business-orientated. Immigration solicitors can ensure that your business adheres to all necessary legal obligations, from employment laws to Ireland’s attractive corporation tax requirements. 
  • Resolving legal hurdles: Should any legal challenges arise during your business expansion, immigration solicitors can provide expert guidance and representation to safeguard your interests. 

Open for business

Ireland is a nation open for business. For Manchester-based businesses looking to expand, Ireland is an excellent choice for several reasons: 

Strategic location

Situated on the western edge of Europe, Ireland serves as a gateway to the European Union (EU). The country’s close proximity to the UK, along with its strong ties to the EU, makes it an ideal location for businesses looking to maintain connections with both markets. With well-established transport links, including direct flights, your business can operate seamlessly across borders. 

Business visa opportunities

Ireland provides accessible and straightforward pathways to establish and expand businesses. The Irish government offers various business visas, such as the Critical Skills Employment Permit, which enables non-EEA (European Economic Area) nationals to work and reside in Ireland.

For businesses seeking international talent or relocation of key personnel, these visas offer a convenient solution. 

Business-friendly environment

Ireland is consistently ranked as one of the most business-friendly nations in the world. The country offers very low corporate tax rates and a supportive regulatory framework. Setting up your business here is streamlined, and the Irish government encourages foreign direct investment. Don’t forget that EU membership provides businesses with access to a market of more than 450 million consumers! 

English as the primary language

English is the primary language of business in Ireland, meaning miscommunication and language barriers aren’t a concern. This advantage simplifies interactions with clients, employees, and business partners for someone newly-arrived. 

As you can see, Ireland is an ideal destination for Manchester-based businesses seeking to expand, both on a personal and professional level. Highly business-friendly, culturally intertwined and close to other major markets, a chat with an immigration solicitor will show you there are plenty of options available to make a go of a new enterprise on the Emerald Isle.


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