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More than a tech hub: Why we need to promote other employment sectors in Manchester

Manchester, as almost all local entrepreneurs will know, is a tech hub.

You only have to look through recent news stories on BusinessManchester.co.uk to see that there are ideas, innovations and important developments aplenty taking place across the city at all levels.

From start-ups to executive changes at established companies to organisations such as GK Apprenticeships bringing the next generation of tech talent to the area, Manchester is thriving in a variety of ways.

That’s a positive, but the success of local tech companies can often overshadow the other sectors showing success.

For example, when you look through employment statistics for Manchester, 12.3% of the working population are active within human health and social work. Over 10% work in wholesale, retail or the motor trade. Professional, scientific and technical jobs account for 13.7% of the local workforce, which confirms Manchester’s status as a tech hub.

However, the statistics also show the city has more to offer prospective employees.

The world needs to see the city’s diversity

Promoting this idea is important if Manchester’s employment sector is going to remain buoyant over the next decade.

Branding Manchester as the North West’s tech hub is great, but that could also suggest to people looking for jobs in other sectors that they should look elsewhere. We know there are plenty of job opportunities across a variety of sectors, but people outside of the city might not.

What’s more, prospective employees from overseas might not. Like London, Manchester has long been a destination for migrant workers.

In fact, according to a report from the city council, Manchester has been attracting people from “from abroad since its inception by the Romans in around 80 AD.” The report also states that over 10,000 people from overseas relocate to Manchester every year.

That’s an important statistic for local business owners to consider. The process of employing people from overseas isn’t as simple as it is for British nationals, as noted by the expert immigration lawyers at Reiss Edwards.

Working with companies such as Samsung and TM Lewin, they’ve helped bring the best talent from abroad to the UK. That means making sure parties on both sides of the employment divide meet the criteria for the Skilled Worker Visa, which is the primary route for foreign nationals to work in the UK.

That’s great but, without people wanting to work in Manchester, it’s academic. Essentially, business owners need potential employees to know that the city isn’t just a tech hub. There are jobs for everyone.

Shining a light on other sectors

That means harnessing the power of social media to promote the city’s employment opportunities. Manchester City Council does have an employment database on its website, but more could be done.

In the same way a lot of noise has been made about the city’s tech credentials, media and social media campaigns could also be used to champion other sectors, such as retail, human health and social work.

Manchester is a diverse city and the more people that know that, the better it will be for local businesses. With a history of immigration, there’s a pool of talent that can be drawn from if the correct channels are utilised, but this can only happen if we get beyond the idea that Manchester is nothing more than a tech hub.

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