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BlogManchester podcaster Simon Ursell hosts Google's Kirk Vallis

Manchester podcaster Simon Ursell hosts Google’s Kirk Vallis

In the newest episode of The Bounce Backability podcast, Google’s Kirk Vallis takes centre stage as the latest thought leader and innovator to grace the show co-hosted by Manchester’s Simon Ursell.

Simon is the managing director of Manchester B Corp’s environmental consultancy Tyler Grange, and Rusty Earnshaw who also presents, is a renowned performance coach and consultant.

As Google’s global head of creative capability development, Kirk has been a fixture at the global tech giant for the past 11 years, and has not only been instrumental in crafting innovation frameworks but has also been a guiding force in fostering the right behaviours, mindset, and techniques needed to unlock creativity and fresh thinking.

Google’s corporate culture, imbued with this approach, has resulted in a happier, more motivated, and ultimately more productive workforce, positively impacting the bottom line.

People in the innovation process

During the engaging 50-minute episode, Vallis emphasises the pivotal role of people in the innovation process, with technology serving as the tool that accelerates and emboldens this creative journey.

Listeners gain insights into becoming creative leaders while nurturing creative capabilities throughout an organisation.

The discussion also delves into leveraging creativity for problem-solving and outlines the essential steps leaders should take to create an environment conducive to optimal thinking. Whether it’s a routine internal meeting, a brainstorming session, or the development of audacious business proposals, Vallis provides valuable guidance.

AI and creativity

Additionally, the podcast explores the intriguing intersection of AI and creativity, contemplating whether AI will surpass human creativity.

Simon praises Vallis for his decade-long dedication to shaping such a vibrant and appealing workplace. He also underscores the value of embracing failure as an opportunity for growth and learning, echoing Vallis’s philosophy.

Listen now

Listeners can access Kirk Vallis’s insights here. It’s also available on Amazon, Spotify, Buzzsprout, Listen Notes and Player FM.

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