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Leading Bespoke Residential Dog Trainers, Platinum K9, Share Expert Tips to Manage Excessive Dog Barking

Renowned dog training experts at Platinum K9 have unveiled a comprehensive guide comprising six essential tips to help dog owners effectively manage their pets’ excessive barking tendencies.

Platinum K9, a prominent provider of bespoke residential dog training solutions, has shared their expert insights to assist dog owners in addressing excessive barking before it becomes deeply ingrained in their furry friends’ behaviour.

A spokesperson from Platinum K9 explained, “Barking is an intrinsic aspect of canine communication. However, if a dog engages in persistent and excessive barking—be it territorial, reactive, or excited barking—it can quickly evolve into a challenging issue. Employing these methods can empower owners to take early action and prevent the escalation of this concern.”

  1. Desensitise the Dog: This method involves conditioning the dog to become less responsive to specific triggers that prompt barking. By recording or simulating the triggering sound (such as a door knock), owners can gradually acclimate their dogs to this sound. The approach involves playing the sound to trigger the dog’s response, then calmly waiting without acknowledging them. Once the barking ceases for a brief duration, praising and rewarding the dog reinforces the notion that silence garners positive attention.
  2. Praise for Positive Behaviour: Owners are advised to call their dogs over and praise them when they return, instead of rewarding them for barking. By doing so, dogs learn that being quiet and responsive is rewarded, whereas barking goes unrewarded.
  3. Create a Safe Space: For dogs barking due to fear or anxiety, establishing a designated safe space within the home can provide comfort. This area, equipped with a cozy bed, water, and toys, offers solace during stressful situations. In cases of separation anxiety, a safe space can alleviate distress when the owner is absent. Leaving on the radio or TV can further reduce the dog’s anxiety.
  4. Increase Physical and Mental Stimulation: Excessive barking arising from boredom or pent-up energy can be mitigated through increased physical exercise and mental stimulation. Regular walks, engaging activities, and interactive toys can channel the dog’s energy positively and prevent barking.
  5. Avoid Shouting at the Dog: Yelling or aggressive gestures can intensify barking and confusion in dogs. Maintaining a calm demeanor and using firm instructions is a more effective way to manage excessive barking.
  6. Improve Communication: Understanding a dog’s communication cues and employing additional training can help owners interpret barking correctly. Teaching a dog to use a bell or symbol to convey their needs can foster better communication.

The spokesperson emphasised the importance of consistency and patience when employing these methods. They also recommended seeking professional assistance if the tips don’t yield results, as there might be underlying medical reasons for the dog’s barking.

For more insights and tailored guidance, dog owners are urged to visit Platinum K9’s expert resources.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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