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BusinessAZoNetwork Celebrates 1 Million Scientific Subscribers

AZoNetwork Celebrates 1 Million Scientific Subscribers

AZoNetwork, a global leader in delivering marketing solutions for science, engineering and life science businesses, celebrates the achievement of reaching 1 million named subscribers across its digital platforms. This accomplishment further solidifies AZoNetwork’s position as a trusted resource for science, engineering and healthcare professionals around the globe.

Sharing Science

Founded with a mission to break down barriers between the audience and the increasingly technical scientific world, AZoNetwork provides quality, scientific news and content to over 100M annual unique users. 1 million of these users are professionals now signed up to receive updates across a wide range of disciplines from Antibodies and Aerospace to XRF analysis and Zoonotic Diseases.

The publishing platform categorises its content flow and subscribers into 100+ subject-specific disciplines so each audience receives the latest news and insights relevant to their interests.

AZoNetwork operates in a digital marketing and advertising environment where many of the world’s leading scientific Fortune 500 enterprises buy lead generation, brand awareness and digital media campaigns to reach these vast scientific audiences.

“Reaching this milestone is testament to our commitment to providing valuable, trusted scientific content to our audience of over 1 million first-party subscribers,” stated Dr. Ian Birkby, CEO of AZoNetwork. “We are proud that so many professionals around the globe trust us as a primary source of information.”

Andy Coveney, COO added “We have learned so much from sending over 250 million email sends across 100+ scientific disciplines. We are particularly proud of achieving all of this with an extremely low unsubscribe rate of 0.07% which demonstrates our ability to match content with reader’s interests.”

“We are continuing to streamline our processes so we deliver more value to both the subscribers consuming the content and the advertisers who sponsor it.” He added.

AZoNetwork is the leading content marketing platform for Science, Engineering and Healthcare.

Press Contact: Frank Barker, Head of Marketing,
Ian Birkby is available for further interviews.
Frank Barker
[email protected]
+44 (0)161 4577 150

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Sam Allcock
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