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BlogGlobal Residence Index: Exploring the Impact of Citizenship by Investment

Global Residence Index: Exploring the Impact of Citizenship by Investment

This platform provides an immense source of information that a new client would require when he chooses to reside in another country. This is a counseling sector that is specialized in navigating the citizenships that are done through investments all over the world. 

The team at this counseling center mainly focuses on collaboration and partnerships with their clients, simultaneously doing everything from their end to diminish the load pressure of the administration.  

Global Residence Index informs about investment programs and offers an overview of all types of citizenships. This counseling sector mainly works with all the major programs that are available to investors, making it a full service for the ones who are looking forward to investing in a new country. 

If you visit the site, you get that the Global Residence Index offers you a list of locations that are an excellent option for residing at any time. By opting for this, you are open to two or more “home countries” that are miles away from each other.

The Global Residence Index can help you explore your options and make an informed decision. Go through this article to get full detailed information about Global Residence Index.

What is Global Residence Index?

If you’re interested in citizenship by investment programs, you may have heard of the Global Residence Index (GRI). This index is a tool that ranks the world’s residence-by-investment programs based on various factors.

  1. The Global Residence Index is assembled with Henley & Partners, who resides as the citizenship residence and planning leader. This sector is updated every year and provides its investors with an extensive standard of the most important residence programs in every part of the world.   
  2. There are a lot of factors that are considered by the Global Residence Index that includes the quality of each country’s life. Besides this, it makes it easy for people to plan their businesses and attain personal security. The factors that the sector mainly focuses on are the requirements of the investment and processing time.
  3. The Global Residence Index is divided into main categories – The Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) and The Global Citizenship Program Index (GCPI). Both are investment programs, but the only difference between these programs is that the GRPI ranks as a residence by investment, and the GCPI ranks as citizenship by investment.
  4. The GRI is an invaluable tool for investors considering citizenship or residence by investment programs. It provides an all-inclusive overview of the programs available to investors that also compares and contrasts them based on various factors. Using the GRI, investors can decide which program suits them and their families.

Impact of Citizenship by Investment

The Global Residence Index has an impeccable impact on many citizenship programs all over the world. Due to this guidance sector, people are able to connect quickly and get more information on the island country they are wanting to reside in. Global Residence Index plays a vital role in the citizenship programs as it is the headquarters of all citizenship programs by investments. 

Antigua and Barbuda was rated the Best Citizenship by Investment Destination in the Caribbean by Henley and Partners’ Global Residence and Citizenship Program in 2017 – 2018. It was declared the fourth-best global program, scoring 61 out of 100 in the Global Citizenship Program Index. 

Saint Lucia was one of the island countries of the Caribbean that were ranked on top as the most beautiful place in the world. People were so attracted to its affordable investments that in the year 2020, the World Bank Group’s record claimed that the economy of Saint Lucia ranked 2nd in the Caribbean region and 93rd out of 190 Global Citizenship Program Index.

The Turkish and the Dominican Republic Citizenship by Investment Programs were also a part of the Global Residence Index that helped many people all over the world to reside in these island countries. 

How GRI Works with its clients?

In the following, you will find the work techniques done by the team of the counseling sector that will help you understand more about the Global Residence Index. 


Global Residence Index collaborates and has strong connections with its clients and the ruling bodies of all the investment programs, which helps them understand the needs of their clients. Having a good relationship with the applicants is beneficial for both ends as one provides proper information according to the applicant’s needs, and the applicants follow the same. 

The people of the Global Residence Index take their time and provide as much information as possible to their clients, which eventually helps the sector to rank up. When they collaborate with the investment programs, it eases their work as they progress quickly, which also helps in lowering the pressure of the overreached authorities. 


No one knows about the consequences of nature or any other obstacle that would occur while going through the processes, so the Global Residence Index works efficiently to get their clients’ passports ready, and they claim that it is their major objective. 

No matter what the applicants choose as their residence, the people present in the Global Residence Index are always on time and give no chance to complain. They always ensure that application processing is done smoothly and is simply coordinated between both parties.  


The executives of the Global Residence Index are dedicated to exceeding their client’s expectations all the way possible. They have top-grade professionalism, and everyone is experienced in the industry. The support that they provide to clients is undoubtedly beyond compare. 

The customers expect the exceptional and high-level quality of service that is given by them to each and every client that comes up with doubts regarding residence. The entire Global Residence Index is committed to giving its clients the best solutions possible. 


The documents of the Government are a combination of information about the applicant and their family, which is detailed. Without any adequate executive, any kind of paperwork will be wrongly filled, and then it will be submitted improperly. 

The application is read in detail and is focused via laser teamwork so that any mistake in the form is corrected. The team continues this throughout the process that, helps their clients with a secured submission and gets their certification done as quickly as possible.


In conclusion, citizenship by investment is a legal process that can have significant economic implications for the host country. However, it is important for countries to have proper due diligence procedures in place to prevent misuse of the program.

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