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BlogDr. Kevin Sands on Hollywood Teeth Secrets for Awards Season

Dr. Kevin Sands on Hollywood Teeth Secrets for Awards Season

As Hollywood awards season quickly approaches, many celebrities are gearing up for the potential red carpet of fortune and fame. One inevitable aspect of such glamor is looking your best—which includes a bright and uniformly white smile! With that in mind, we’re excited to chat with world-renowned cosmetic dentist Kevin B. Sands, DDS, who has crafted award-winning smiles beloved by A-listers all over Los Angeles.

Keep reading to discover what it takes to have star power twinkle from your grin—because everyone deserves to shine during awards season (& beyond).

Teeth Whitening for the Awards Season

During awards season, the importance of teeth whitening for celebrities cannot be overstated. As they step onto the red carpet and face the intense scrutiny of the cameras, a flawless smile becomes an indispensable asset. Teeth whitening treatments help celebrities achieve a captivating, radiant smile that enhances their overall appearance.

These treatments can take various forms, including professional dental procedures performed by experienced dentists. These often involve the application of a potent bleaching agent combined with light or laser activation.

Whitening treatments conducted in a dental office, such as laser whitening, offer celebrities a fast and effective solution to achieve a stunning smile. Laser whitening is a popular in-office procedure that involves the application of a powerful bleaching gel on the teeth. The gel is activated by a specialized laser or light source, which helps accelerate the whitening process.

The dentist carefully protects the gums and applies the gel evenly to the teeth. The laser or light is then directed onto the gel, triggering a chemical reaction that breaks down stains and discoloration. This procedure typically takes about an hour and can significantly lighten the teeth by several shades in a single visit. Laser whitening is a preferred choice for celebrities due to its immediate results, minimal discomfort, and the expertise of dental professionals, ensuring a safe and customized treatment. The outcome is a dazzling, camera-ready smile that exudes confidence and charm on the red carpet.

However, Dr. Sands is especially a fan of Zoom Whitening. “In-office Zoom Whitening is the fastest and best way to get big results in a short amount of time,” says Sands. Even if you might have sensitive teeth, there are no real downsides since each treatment is tailored to the patient’s mouth and measures are taken to protect your gums and skin.

Additionally, celebrities may opt for take-home whitening kits, which include custom-made trays and professional-grade whitening gel to be worn for designated periods. Teeth whitening strips and natural remedies are also popular choices; for those in a time pinch, these can be just the thing. “Crest WhiteStrips are the best option,” says Sands. Don’t bother with lip glosses that promise a whitening effect—”it’s just a gimmick.”

Regardless of the method chosen, the goal is to achieve a bright, luminous smile that exudes confidence and leaves a lasting impression on the audience and industry professionals alike.

Veneer Maintenance for the Award Season

Veneer maintenance holds tremendous importance for celebrities during awards season, as these thin, customized shells of porcelain or composite resin play a significant role in creating the perfect red-carpet smile. Veneers not only enhance the appearance of teeth but also provide a long-lasting solution for achieving a flawless, bright smile. While veneers are resistant to staining, regular maintenance and teeth whitening treatments are essential to maintain their pristine appearance.

“A veneer is just basically a cover that goes on the tooth, like an acrylic nail,” explained Dr. Kevin Sands. “If you’re just doing healthy teeth, you just have to take a thin layer off [the tooth], a couple of millimeters, like a contact lens.”

Teeth whitening treatments for veneers typically involve professional dental cleanings, non-abrasive whitening toothpaste, and occasional touch-ups using specialized whitening agents. Dentists carefully monitor the color and condition of the veneers, ensuring that any discoloration or staining is promptly addressed.

“Even the best veneers are not a permanent solution,” said Dr. Kevin Sands. “While high-quality veneers can last up to 15 years, they will eventually have to be redone. And veneers, like real teeth, need to be maintained. Veneers can become darkened by coffee and red wine and need to be whitened.”

By diligently maintaining their veneers through appropriate whitening treatments, celebrities can confidently flaunt their impeccable smiles during awards season, leaving a lasting impression on fans and industry professionals.

Ultimately, awards season is demanding and celebrities have to make sure they’re looking their best no matter the cost. While most of us may not be candidates for veneer alterations, teeth whitening can be done right at our dentist’s office or in-home with specialized kits. Just like celebrities, we all want to look our best when it’s time to dress up and hit the red carpet. With the help of professionals like Dr. Sands and preventive dental care, we can rest easy knowing that our smiles will help us shine like stars.

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