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The Top Universities to Study Economics in Manchester

It’s hard to fathom anyone being aware of current events and not wanting to learn more about economics. This discipline touches on everything from the war in Ukraine to issues impacting our daily lives right here, in the UK. But understanding local, national and global events is not the only reason to study economics.

As the old saying goes, money makes the world go ‘round. Whether that’s actually true is debatable but money – how it’s made, used and spent, makes up a large part of our national discourse. Right now, those conversations are hardly encouraging.

That’s why we need the sharpest minds to train in economics. We need fresh ideas from progressive thinkers who can design creative solutions to our economic woes. But such intellectuals must first learn about economic theory and applications. These universities in the Greater Manchester Area are the best places to get started.

Top-Ranked Universities 

From a practical standpoint, most students choose their undergraduate study programs based on the schools’ league table positions and how many UCAS points it takes to earn their place. Economics students have one more rating to gauge prospective universities by: the Economics League Table.

In these school descriptions, we list the latter first, followed by the university league table ranking in parentheses. And, of course, the range of UCAS points you’ll need to secure your spot.

The University of Manchester

This fine school is the obvious place to start our exploration. The University of Manchester is world-renowned for its research facilities and cultural assets as much as for its welcoming, intellectually stimulating environment. Many contend that this school’s engineering department is legendary (it is!) but the Economics department has turned out no fewer than three Nobel Prize winners.

Total enrolment numbers prove this school to be one of the most popular in the UK. Applications to the school’s economics programs have shot up over the last year, easily exceeding enrolment numbers from the past five years.

The University of Manchester currently rests at Number 20 (17). Interested students need 128-144 UCAS points to be considered for enrolment.

The University of Liverpool

It must be hard for Liverpool to strive against the far reaches of Greater Manchester. Indeed, these two cities’ rivalry is legendary but where economics study is concerned, this school outpaces its rival.

The University of Liverpool offers 21 Economics-related courses to Manchester’s 15. It ranks higher on the Economics League table, occupying the 18th spot (21st on the University League table). And this school is more generous with its UCAS point spread, too. Students need 128-160 points to apply.

Next-Tier Economics Programs

No matter how great, no institution could accommodate every student’s application for study. Likewise, not every student will make it into the undergraduate program of their choice. Often, that has to do with having fewer UCAS points but students needn’t fret over missing out on their economics education.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Admittedly, this school was more aimed towards science and trades studies but when it gained university status in 1992, it expanded its course catalogue to include a variety of degree plans. Today, this university’s Business School is globally accredited.

Students may choose between an Economics foundation course and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The foundation program requires 70-80 UCAS points while the full course of study demands 112-120. This school is ranked 59th (67th).

The University of Salford

This public research university is closest to Manchester city centre; it’s a historic campus that proudly welcomes students from around the world. In 2006, this school consolidated and redefined its learning programs. Today, the curriculum is heavily geared towards Business Studies.

That’s where you’ll find Economics programs. This school offers dual-degree programs in Business Management with Economics; students may further opt for a foundation year or a placement year. This school ranks at 57 (85); students need 104-112 UCAS points to apply.

Honourable Mentions

These universities are a bit outside of the Greater Manchester area but are well worth consideration for the student willing to travel.

Lancaster University

This is a relatively young school, having earned its charter in 1964. But don’t let that deter you from planning your Economics education there. If you didn’t mind the roughly two-hour travel, you’ll find that Lancaster’s economic tutoring is well worth the trip.

This public research university ranks 22nd (11th). That’s about on par with the University of Manchester, but it offers 17 different undergraduate degree plans in Economics. Any student with 128-144 UCAS points is welcome to apply.

University of Chester

This campus is not as far from Manchester as Lancaster is but Chester should definitely be on your radar if you don’t mind going an hour by train. That’s because of all the schools we’ve featured, the University of Chester is the only one to offer an Economics and Politics study program.

That’s just one of their seven Economics-related courses. Economics and International Relations is another intriguing degree to strive for, particularly as post-Brexit Britain struggles to find her footing on the global stage.

Despite these compelling courses of study, the University of Chester comes in at only 50 (60) in the rankings. Aspiring students need just 72-112 UCAS points to qualify for application. Can you see yourself enrolling in such a dual degree program? If so, this school is for you.

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