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BlogQNET Cracks Down on Scammers, Expands Operations in Nigeria

QNET Cracks Down on Scammers, Expands Operations in Nigeria

The direct selling industry experienced an 18% increase in distributors across Africa since 2021. One reason for the boost is that it especially appeals to the continent’s youth since the number of available jobs doesn’t meet the needs of the growing labor force. That demographic also appreciates that direct sales companies like QNET have a low barrier to entry and provide a platform for professional development.

Despite misleading media reports, QNET isn’t a scam. It’s a global direct selling company operating in multiple regions worldwide. Its direct selling business model on an e-commerce platform has helped countless micro-entrepreneurs in numerous emerging economies worldwide. However, when businesses achieve that success, they often attract unwanted attention from scammers.

The company partnered with Transblue Limited, a customer service compliance and logistics firm, to train young Nigerians to establish and develop their own businesses. Teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs in Nigeria, the most populous country in West Africa, how to ethically build a business is an excellent way for the company to curb the spread of misleading information designed to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians and damage QNET’s good reputation.

“QNET has faced controversies in certain countries, including Nigeria, with allegations of being a pyramid scheme. We have consistently and will continue to maintain that we are a legitimate business model,” stated Biram Fall, QNET’s regional director for sub-Saharan Africa.

“This partnership enables Transblue to connect every Nigerian to the global network of QNET, which aims to provide a great business opportunity to those who seek a better tomorrow and transform their lives,” stated Abdulhakeem Abiodun, Transblue’s managing director. “We want to leverage the technology advancement needed for direct selling to achieve these goals.”

During the pilot phase in June 2022, the partnership successfully trained 600 Nigerians through the FinGreen program. The purpose is to accelerate financial literacy among the women and youth of emerging economies because the company understands that financial literacy is necessary to support economic growth and encourage communities, businesses, and governments to attain extensive development objectives, including establishing an equal opportunity for everyone.

Fall stated, “Our collaboration with Transblue has been a game changer for our business. It has allowed us to reach new customers and expand our product offerings. We believe partnerships like this are key to our success, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a reputable and respected company. We look forward to growing and thriving together to deliver the best to Nigerians.”

Is QNET Real or Fake?

Since launching in 1998, the direct selling business has established a positive social impact globally. It aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of Nigerians so that they can earn commission while adding value to society. Unfortunately, however, the legitimate direct selling business’s respected name has been tarnished by fraudulent individuals hiding behind the QNET name to present nonexistent job opportunities to Nigerians.

Due to such deceitful activities, the company established the Direct Selling Disinformation Centre to crack down on misinformation about the direct selling business that gets mistaken for a scam or financial scheme. Another purpose of the disinformation center is to ensure anyone selling QNET products is following the company’s best practices.

“Direct selling is a well established and stringently regulated industry in many advanced economies. However, in many emerging markets worldwide, the growth of the gig economy and the arrival of innovative new business models, different from traditional trade, are not only unregulated but often misunderstood,” said Trevor Kuna, the company’s chief strategy and transformation officer.

Kuna continued, “No organization is specifically dedicated to countering the disinformation that can allow rogue operators to abuse the direct selling industry for personal gain or a shortcut. We believe that this new Direct Selling Disinformation Centre is the only one of its kind dedicated to countering disinformation originating from and about the industry.”

The direct selling company operates the online Direct Selling Disinformation Centre to eliminate misconceptions, unethical actions, and public complaints about the business.

The Direct Selling Disinformation Centre website includes live incident reporting so people can flag suspicious behavior anywhere. In addition, if you suspect a QNET product, offer, or service seems questionable, the direct selling business encourages you to file a complaint with the disinformation center.

Comprehensive Training To Crack Down on Scammers and Lies

For those still asking, “Is QNET real or fake?” this should clear things up. Fall stated, “We provide comprehensive training and support to our independent representatives, including sales and marketing tools, product knowledge, and leadership development.” Scam companies are less likely to invest in a person’s development.

In addition to Nigeria, the company, headquartered in Hong Kong, has a presence in over 25 countries through branch offices, agency partnerships, franchisees, and subsidiaries. It understands that a better future starts with education and equality. That’s why it invests in projects like the Direct Selling Disinformation Centre and the FinGreen program to teach the skills and habits necessary to become a successful entrepreneur anywhere in the world.

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