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How to prevent birds on your business solar panels

Birds need a safe, dry spot with protection from the elements if they nest there. The solar energy system you have set up provides a beautiful, warm environment, which is important during the breeding season when these birds are active. Birds, people, and solar panel installations should avoid contact with one another since it is bad for both parties.

Installing a Birdblocker below a solar installation can prevent birds from pecking at the panels. The needles of the strip rest flat against the ceiling, preventing birds from nesting there. Between the needles, a bridge prevents birds from flying through.

It’s hard to damage a solar panel mesh because of the quality of the materials used. The special design of the clips makes them simple to put together, but the birds will never be able to unbuckle them. That is to say, a comprehensive plan of action.

Problems Caused by Birds on Your Rooftop Panels

Rooftop PV panels must be protected from birds since they have been known to build nests directly under a stack, obstructing the natural flow below the panels and reducing their production

As the temperature of the solar cells in the panels rises, their performance degrades. The potential for fire is also raised. A panel’s solar cells can decay and eventually fail if the back sheet is scratched by the birds’ twigs, which may lead to soil leakage issues and moisture infiltration.

The increased pollution the panels will experience over time directly results from the back-and-forth flying. Unpredictably, this has a major impact on the overall system’s performance. Birds like jackdaws will persistently try returning to the panels once they have bred there. As a result, it’s best to establish safeguards ahead of time.

Birds swooping down on the solar panels may be a real pain. Another annoyance that comes along with the bird poop and the smell is the noise. The constant crowing and squawking of the chicks come to mind, as does the rustling of the leaves on the tiled roof.

Best Solution to Prevent the Birds

Once Birdblocker has been installed, the chances of birds breeding below the PV panels are much reduced. Birdblocker is an undetectable mechanism that may be attached to the edges of most PV panels.

Most roof tiles can benefit from using a birdblocker on residential rooftops. However, it is advisable to use a pigeon proofing solar panels UK professional to install your brand-new PV panels to get the most value for your money.

Benefits of Birdblockers

  • Besides the initial cost of installation, they need no ongoing expenditures for upkeep. Therefore, they are a long-lasting and reasonably priced way to prevent further bird infestations and the associated property damage.
  • They are protected from the sun’s rays and the elements, even in the hottest or coldest conditions.
  • It’s completely recyclable.
  • Panels may be installed without the need for screws or drills.
  • The setup is simple.


The birdblocker comes with seven stainless steel hooks and is sold by the meter length. It may be adjusted to fit using heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters. Additionally, a specification for the PV panels in issue can be found on the service provider’s website. Here you can see the features for yourself. By getting a pigeon proofing solar panels uk, the overall measurements may be determined with minimal effort.


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