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Food and Drink5 Ways Food Businesses are Thriving in Manchester

5 Ways Food Businesses are Thriving in Manchester

Manchester’s food and drink scene are thriving again. While the restaurant scenes of many other major cities in the UK have tipped into a decline, new restaurants and cafes in Manchester are growing. In fact, the past 12 months have seen a 1.3% increase in new dining spots popping up. So, what could be the reason behind this?

Here are ways food businesses are thriving in Manchester.

  • The Whole Industry is Succeeding Throughout the City 

According to research done by CGA, a leading food industry research body, the food & drink sector of Manchester is growing more quickly compared to any other city in the UK. The number of new restaurants opening has grown steadily by 22% in the past five years. 

Across the country, the number of restaurants has declined by 3.4% in the past year, which means about 18 restaurants are closing each week. But in Manchester, it’s a different scene. The number of restaurants in the city has risen to more than a quarter in the past five years.

  • Constantly Brushing up on Skillsets 

There are many reasons the food & drink industry in Manchester continues to thrive, but this may have something to do with the fact that these establishments are constantly brushing up on their skill sets. 

You need to possess some skills to run a restaurant successfully. What’s great about most restaurants in Manchester is they continue to hone their skills to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry, even if that means spending money training their employees with the best chefs.

  • Preparing for Assessment

Another reason behind the success of the Manchester food industry is that the establishments are well-prepared for assessment, allowing them to maintain good food hygiene ratings. They give importance to food hygiene training to prepare for the inspection. Many successful businesses in Manchester are constantly working to prepare for the assessment by updating their food hygiene, something that may have contributed to the overall success of the city’s thriving food industry.

  • Choosing the Right Premises 

Many of the dining establishments in Manchester have chosen to set up in a location ideal for attracting customers, which is one of the reasons behind their success. These are locations where people are constantly searching for food to eat. 

Aside from choosing the right location, these businesses religiously comply with the necessary regulations. For instance, they keep their premises clean and well-maintained and ensure that everyone follows good food hygiene practices, including implementing protection against contamination.

  • Catering to a Sophisticated Market 

Some restaurants in Manchester made a success by tapping into a sophisticated market. The city may not have any Michelin-starred restaurants yet. However, more and more restaurants are venturing into mid-scale and upscale offerings because they know that the sophisticated dining market is profitable. 

When you venture into the sophisticated dining scene, you will offer upscale experiences to diners willing to pay a premium. You will cater to a wealthy clientele who are more than happy to spend a fortune on luxurious dining experiences.

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