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BlogLEGO tops 2022 predictions for most popular educational Christmas toys, including skateboards

LEGO tops 2022 predictions for most popular educational Christmas toys, including skateboards

In their predictions for 2022, Home learning providers Oxbridge predict Lego will be the most popular educational Christmas toy among children.

Classic Lego, Skateboards, and the Furby toys are projected to be the most popular items on wish lists. Lego toys continue to be a favourite among both kids and adults. So, we fully anticipate it to be at the top of people’s Christmas lists this year.

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Lego, which first gained popularity in 1999, fundamentally changed how we play today. They help kids focus, which is good for their brain development. The past year has seen 8 490 000 searches for them, indicating that they are still in high demand.

The toy won’t break the bank either, costing only roughly £29.99, especially in light of the current cost of living crisis. In spite of the challenges, Christmas should still be a joyful occasion for children.

Unexpectedly, skateboards, which have been flying off the shelves every Christmas since they gained popularity in 1997, are another instructive toy that is likely to make an appearance in letters to Santa this year. These educational toys that teach patience and perseverance only cost between £9.96 –  £58.10 and have continuously been among the most sought-after toys for decades, according to 1 310 000 searches made over the past 12 months.

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Demand will also be high for Furbys this Christmas. Kids will be clamouring for these 2000 toys with artificial intelligence and technology, which are priced at £8.34. 5 12000 people searched for them in the past year, a 38% increase in interest from the Christmas before.

“Toys are an essential part of learning and development for children. Through toys, kids can develop physical skills like balance and coordination, as well as learning to interact with the world around them.” Richard Brennan, head of digital marketing at Oxbridge, gave advice.

“By playing with educational toys, children learn to think abstractly, develop their cognitive skills (e.g., problem-solving), and practise new concepts in a safe learning environment. Toys also help children to express themselves – from learning how to create stories to expressing emotions through make-believe play.”

“Toys provide a fun way to extend learning that encourages exploration and creativity while setting the perfect foundation for social development. Furthermore, research has found that when proper guidance is given in using toys (such as constructive criticism), toys have been proven to help improve focus, concentration, and motivation in learning overall.”

Top 5 Christmas toys 2022
1999 Lego – £29.99
1976 Skateboard – from £9.96 –  £58.10
2000 Furby – £8.34
1992 Barbie doll – £69.99
1970 Easy Bake Oven – £27.99
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