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According To New Data Revealed by Trustpilot – Delivery Brands Are Driving Customers Mad As The “Worst At Customer Service”

CareCheck, DBS Check Providers, have created a list of the top 10 brands in the UK according to Statista for 2022 using data from Trustpilot to analyse the negative customer service reviews about each brand over the last 12 months. They have also worked out the amount of bad reviews for each brand to discover the worst customer services in the industires.

Deliveroo, the delivery company, got the top spot as the most hated brand over the previous year, with 33% negative reviews. Stories of rude and dishonest customer service agents dominate the reviews as customers struggle to get refunds and feedback on missing deliveries.

The next brand on the list is the broadcaster and telecoms provider Sky, which has received 18% negative ratings in the last 12 months. “When I try to contact customer service, it’s like pulling teeth and having a conversation with yourself, ” reads one of their reviews. “ They are rude, talk over you and never listen to anything you’ve got to say.”


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Top 3 Brands With The Worst-Rated Customer Service

For consumers of delivery brands, speedy service is essential. In the event that issues arise, customers want to know that they will receive quality customer service.

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Top Delivery Brands with worst reviews

Consumers now increasingly rely on digital brands that were a part of our daily life before the pandemic. Surprisingly, while being regarded as the

top brands of 2022, tech brands defy the norm as consumers continue to criticise their subpar service.

Top Tech Brands with Worst reviews

How Can Brands Improve Customer Service

A spokesperson at Care Check in response to the data advised companies to look into the employment and criminal history of prospective employees before hiring.

“It may reveal some red flags that you usually wouldn’t notice.

A background check approach ensures that your clients are always safeguarded and taken care of by reliable staff. To ensure clients are respected, businesses must hire dependable employees without a history of abusing their position of authority.

By fostering an atmosphere where customers feel heard, valued, and respected, you may keep your current clients happy and turn them into brand ambassadors eager to share their positive experiences with others. That matters a lot!” 

“Client satisfaction is so important to your customers that 86% are willing to pay more for better service. But on the other hand, having bad client interactions results in higher costs. In fact, according to recent surveys, 89% of customers stop doing business with a company because of a bad customer service experience.”

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