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FinancePareto Financial Planning hails Advisor Academy

Pareto Financial Planning hails Advisor Academy

Manchester, UK, July 19th 2022 – Pareto Financial Planning, the award-winning Manchester based financial services business, today hailed the success of its Advisor Academy, which bridges the gap between qualifications and practical skills and experience while providing a structured career path towards becoming an advisor.

For many entering the financial services profession it can be a daunting prospect of years of study to obtain the necessary qualifications. Not everyone who starts their journey in financial services has the desire or the skills to become a financial advisor. So with that in mind, Pareto has set up its Advisor Academy which introduces those who may have the qualifications but lack the face-to-face client experience to be a successful advisor.

The role of a financial advisor requires a nuanced skill set which is based on client empathy and trust. These skill sets are often at odds with the more analytical and methodical traits associated with non client-facing roles. The Pareto Advisor Academy offers mentorship and culture based insight to ensure that every Pareto advisor is exposed to the Pareto way – ensuring positive client outcomes.

The Pareto Academy has seen five advisors pass through the academy and currently has three going through the process.

Stuart Carswell, Director, Pareto Financial Services, said, “Qualifications prove you have the technical skills, but what makes a good Financial Advisor are the skills that can’t be taught from a textbook. At Pareto we have a reputation for not only our sound financial advice but also our personal approach. To help embed this culture the Pareto Advisor Academy takes Financial Advisors on a mentorship journey, ensuring they meet the personal standards we require.”

James Hogg, IFA, Pareto Financial Services, said, “Having previously worked with a small desk-based advisory firm as a Paraplanner, I was looking for a firm with an excellent reputation and a structured programme to give me the skills to become a fully-fledged Financial Advisor. Pareto’s Advisor Academy programme has been amazing, I have learnt the soft skills needed to truly understand a client’s needs and make the subsequent recommendations for the best positive outcome.”

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