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From Dublin to Manchester: Why the Irish Lotto became a popular fixture in the UK

Do you know that around 70% of the UK population above 18 years old regularly
participates in national lotteries?

While most buy tickets for the National Lottery, a significant population in the UK prefers to play the Irish lotto for various reasons. Initially, only Irish citizens were allowed to participate in the Irish Lotto. However, with the advent of the internet and modern technology, anyone can now play the Irish Lotto from anywhere, provided they are 18 years and above.

This write-up delves into the popularity of the Irish Lotto in the UK and how you can play the Irish Lottery from Manchester Read on!

The background of the Irish Lotto

The Irish Lottery’s operations date back to 1987, when it sold the first scratch cards,
with its first draw taking place in 1988. At the time, it was a state-owned entity for
funding good causes. However, during the 2014 financial crisis, the government sold it
to Premier Lottery Ireland DAC.

The National Lottery Ireland offers plenty of ways for participants to try their luck. They
hold Daily Million draws every day, EuroDreams draws every Monday and Thursday,
EuroMillions and Plus every Tuesday and Friday, as well as Lotto and Lotto Plus draws
every Wednesday and Saturday.

Why is the Irish Lotto so popular in the UK?

A considerable number of lottery players prefer participating in the Irish Lotto for the
following reasons;

1. Favourable odds

The Irish Lotto is among the lottery with the best chances of winning. If you compare it
to the UK National Lottery, the Irish Lotto gives players a slightly better chance of

You see, in the Irish Lotto, you’re required to pick six numbers from 1 to 47, while in the
UK National Lottery, you’re required to choose six numbers from a total of 59. This
means there are fewer possible number combinations in the Irish Lotto, which gives
players a slight edge statistically.

Based on the statistics above, the UK lottery has a 1 in 45 million chance of winning,
while the Irish Lotto has a 1 in 10.7 million chance. This means a player is 20% more
likely to win in the Irish lottery than the UK National Lottery.

2. Higher potential payouts

The Irish Lotto gives all its players this opportunity to win, with massive jackpots. While the jackpot starts at €2 million, it rolls over each time it’s not won until it hits the cap.

3. Convenience and accessibility

Thanks to the rise of online lottery betting services, UK residents can now conveniently
participate in the Irish Lotto from the comfort of their homes. These services allow
players to choose their numbers and purchase tickets electronically without travelling to
Ireland or to a physical retailer.

How to play the Irish Lotto from Manchester

In January 2022, more than six months after the previous jackpot was won, a player
from Castlebar in Co Mayo bagged €19.06 million. This resulted from a special ‘Will Be
Won’ draw held after it had been at its cap for over three months.

While the ticket was bought in Ireland, UK citizens can have the same opportunity even
though they can’t directly purchase official tickets from the UK.

UK players can participate in the Irish Lottery through online lottery betting services.
These websites are not affiliated with any official national lottery draw. They act as
intermediaries, allowing players to place bets on the outcome of the Irish Lotto draw.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how it works;

1. Choose a licensed betting service

The first step is to find a reputable online lottery betting service that operates legally in
the UK and offers Irish Lotto. Make sure the service is licensed and regulated by the UK
Gambling Commission.

2. Register and create an account

Once you find a reputable site, you can sign up for an account by providing your
personal information. Then, fund your account according to how much you need to
wager. Note that you must be 18 years old and above to gamble in the UK.

3. Select your numbers

Choose six numbers from 1 to 47 or use a quote, option for a random selection.

4. Place your bet

Decide how much you want to wager and confirm your selection.

5. Wait for the draw

Check the results after the Wednesday and Saturday draw to see if your numbers
match the winning combination. Most online betting services credit the accounts of
lottery winners immediately they hit the jackpot.

Summing up

The Irish Lotto is one of the best lottery for UK residents. Although the jackpot is
relatively lower than the UK Lotto, a lot of people prefer playing the Irish Lottery
because it offers better chances to win.

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