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How to stop AI from replacing your job: Entrepreneur Khadijah Safari unveils secret tips

The increasing integration of AI in various professions has sparked concerns about job security for many individuals. However, amidst these worries, there are strategies one can employ to safeguard their career from the potential impact of automation. Being a seasoned entrepreneur, Khadijah Safari (pictured) knows these secret tips that can help you out.

Khadijah is a business coach and the founder of Khadijah Safari Coaching. Through her mentorship, she is enabling people to open up to their full potential. Her coaching style revolves around developing a growth mindset, resilience, and strategic thinking which gives her clients the ability to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

At the same time, she also uses social media platforms such as Instagram to educate people on helpful entrepreneurship and earning strategies.

In one of her posts, she shared some techniques that can help individuals navigate and potentially mitigate the impact of AI on their employment. Here are those tips;

1- Master key skills

Nothing can replace the human touch. Focus on developing and enhancing skills that AI currently struggles to replicate, such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and complex problem-solving.

That is why Khadijah advices her mentees to invest time in continuous learning. She helps them to stay ahead of technological advancements and acquire skills that complement AI technologies.

2 – Maximise productivity⁠

Find activities in your job that are less likely to be automated and work on mastering them. Delegate mundane and repetitive activities to AI tools so that you can focus on more valued tasks that require human intelligence and judgment.

In her coaching sessions, Khadijah employs a personalised approach, delving deep into each mentee’s strengths and expertise. This tailored method allows her to uncover the unique perspectives and abilities of each individual, helping them recognize their distinct value proposition in the business world.

3 – Seek strategic guidance⁠

Seek guidance from mentors and advisors who have insights into the evolving job market. Leverage your personal board to gain a strategic understanding of industry trends and opportunities, helping you make informed career decisions.

Having 13 years of experience in diverse industries, Khadijah knows how to excel in an industry identifying its potential areas. “I believe in sharing strategies that have been tried and tested, sparing my mentees from unnecessary experiments. Efficiency and effectiveness come from learning and implementing what truly works.”

4 – Prioritise Wellbeing⁠

Maintain physical and mental well-being to enhance resilience and adaptability in the face of job market changes. 

Khadijah emphasises that a healthy lifestyle contributes to a positive mindset, making embracing learning and adapting to new challenges easier. This philosophy is not just a belief but a practice, exemplified through her establishment of Safari Health Hub. This non-profit organisation helps to achieve overall well-being by offering diverse sessions from martial arts to suicide prevention and positive mindset courses.

5 – Embrace networking and community engagement⁠

Engage with professional communities to stay informed about the latest industry trends and job market demands. Network with individuals in your field to uncover potential opportunities and collaborations that AI cannot replace.

Khadijah strongly believes in the power of networking and actively facilitates opportunities for her mentees to expand their professional connections.

In conclusion, while concerns about AI replacing jobs are valid, these proactive steps help individuals safeguard their careers. Moreover, Khadijah’s insights and mentorship offer valuable guidance in navigating challenges. To stay updated on entrepreneurship and income strategies, you can follow Khadijah on Instagram.  

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