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BlogPilomat Unveils Innovative Electromechanical Security Bollards

Pilomat Unveils Innovative Electromechanical Security Bollards

Pilomat, a leader in bollard manufacturing, has recently introduced a new line of electromechanical security bollards. These bollards blend reliable access control with environmental sustainability.

These electromechanical bollards operate using electric motors instead of traditional hydraulic systems, offering a greener solution with lower noise and less maintenance. The technology ensures rapid and smooth operation, enhancing vehicle access control while eliminating the risk of fluid leaks common in hydraulic systems.

Introducing the EM Series

The EM series includes models 275/EM 600A-800A, 220/EM 600A-800A, and 127/EM 600A-800A. Available in standard and stainless steel, they are designed for various applications, from pedestrian zones to private driveways, offering a balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.

With an integrated electronic unit, the EM series can manage up to 9 bollards and withstand up to 1000 operations daily. These bollards, treated for anti-corrosion, vary in diameter and height, providing flexibility in choosing the right level of resistance.

EMB Series: Enhanced Security for Sensitive Areas

For high-security areas like military bases and airports, the EMB series offers superior protection. Models 275/K4EMB 900A-1200A and 275/K12EMB 900A-1200A meet stringent international standards for anti-terrorist security.

These bollards feature a large diameter and height, providing exceptional impact resistance. Their energy-efficient motors offer longevity and consistent performance, proven to withstand over 200,000 cycles in durability tests.

Macs Bollards: Bringing Electromechanical Innovation to the UK

UK supplier Macs Bollards will soon add Pilomat’s electromechanical range to their offerings, complementing their existing P series automatic hydraulic bollards.

Damian Corcoran of Macs Bollards says: “We look forward to giving our customers access to Pilomat’s latest innovation in electromechanical bollard technology. The environmental and performance benefits make them a great addition to our extensive range.”

Visit macs-bollards.com to explore their range of bollard solutions.

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Sam Allcock
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