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MarketingConnecting London Companies with Their Capital-Based Audiences: London Leaflets' Mission

Connecting London Companies with Their Capital-Based Audiences: London Leaflets’ Mission

In 2022, Lbox Communications (Lbox) introduced a significant rebrand of its long-established leafleting service, unveiling “London Leaflets” to signify the company’s expansion into other domains and to solidify its reputation as a premier mail distribution provider.

London Leaflets, responsible for delivering millions of mail items to addresses throughout the capital annually, serves a diverse clientele, including esteemed organisations like Winkworth Estate Agents, Tops Pizza, Cascade PR, and The London Borough of Camden.

The Foundation of Lbox Communications London Leaflets is the evolution of the very first service that Lbox offered to its customers when it operated under the name “London Letterbox Marketing.”

“Without the success of our leafleting service in London, Lbox wouldn’t have achieved the growth it enjoys today. It is quite literally the foundation of our whole business, and has remained a consistent platform from which to expand and evolve our capabilities.” explains David King, CEO of Lbox Communications.

King also underscores the robust foundation provided by their enduring relationship with The London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The council became Lbox’s inaugural client in 1995 and continues to rely on the service over 28 years later.

“We are immensely proud of the strong partnership we have with Tower Hamlets, built on our consistency and quality of service,” says King. “And this is just one example of the long-standing relationships we have forged with organisations all across London.”

Evolving to Reach Every Corner of London While it has formed the core of Lbox’s offerings for nearly three decades, London Leaflets has evolved significantly over the years to keep pace with the demands of contemporary businesses.

“GPS tracking, web-based mapping, 24hr turnaround times… The expectations for leaflet delivery have changed dramatically since the mid-90s. To retain our client base and build our reputation as what we believe to be the most complete leafleting service in London, we have continuously worked to improve the standard of our offering – everything from the quality of our technology, to the vans carrying us from address to address!” King explains.

One of the standout features of London Leaflets is its adaptable approach, offering four distinct leaflet distribution services:

  1. Solus: Independent delivery of leaflets, flyers, and more to maximise focus on each individual mailing.
  2. Shared: Coordinating leaflets with the campaigns of up to two non-competing clients to reduce costs.
  3. Selective: A highly targeted approach, accounting for specific roads, demographics, property types, and more for precision in campaigns.
  4. Network: Pairing leaflets with publications from Lbox’s enduring relationships with advertisers, publishers, and public sector entities across London.

According to Lbox, this array of distribution methods, combined with the precision of web-based mapping for each delivery, positions London Leaflets as a leader in the capital.

“We want to be the leafleting service to suit all specifications and budgets,” says King. “We can adapt our approach from client to client or campaign to campaign, ensuring that anyone can reach the right doorsteps and maximise ROI.”

Providing Clients with Peace of Mind Beyond supporting clients from initial campaign planning to rapid, high-quality print, fulfillment, and delivery, Lbox believes that London Leaflets’ key features align with the needs of contemporary brands. These features encompass:

  • A full-time, uniformed team of distributors.
  • GPS tracking accessible for all deliveries.
  • Commercial-grade print and fulfillment machinery.
  • State-of-the-art mapping software.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.
  • Regular audits conducted by independent regulators.
“The main features of London Leaflets, especially our GPS-tracking and commitment to retaining a full-time team of distributors, are designed to give our customers absolute peace of mind,” explains King.
“No risk of mailings going missing. No leaving campaigns half-finished. No drops in performance. Everything we do can be monitored by our clients and is verified by independent regulators, so we always stay on top of our game.”

You can find out more about London Leaflets, as well as try their unique “reach map” to explore the boroughs and postcodes they deliver to, on the Lbox Communications website.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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