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ArtCultural Fusion in Art and Design: Alhambra Designs Links East and West

Cultural Fusion in Art and Design: Alhambra Designs Links East and West

Alhambra Designs: Fusing East and West Through Art and Design

Alhambra Designs, a British company founded by Ahmed Q, is marking a period of remarkable growth since its establishment. Rooted in the intricate artistry of the Andalusian Moors, Ahmed’s passion for Islamic architecture has given rise to some of the world’s most exceptional Islamic art reproductions.

The collection by Alhambra Designs showcases contemporary pieces including wall art, architectural elements, and furniture, all drawing inspiration from the iconic Moorish architecture of historical sites in Andalusia. Catering to esteemed clientele such as Middle Eastern Royalty and renowned interior designers, Ahmed crafts tailor-made pieces that grace mosques worldwide, corporate offices, and luxurious residences.

“We are delighted to unveil the exciting advancements at Alhambra Designs,” states Karima Halhoul, the company’s Director. “Starting from humble origins as an Etsy shop crafting small gifts, our expansion has been swift. Our inaugural UK Alhambra Home project, encompassing complete home interior design along with artwork creation and installation, has concluded successfully. We’re rapidly gaining traction on social media and have recently broadened our company with the addition of sub-brands – CasaMorena, and Dulce. These extensions now encompass home decor, women’s gold and silver jewellery, and delectable sweets, all thoughtfully designed and developed by us.”

The introduction of Alhambra Designs’ Casa furniture line felt like a natural progression. Their affluent Arabian clients and London-based interior designers often encountered challenges in sourcing luxury and top-quality Arabian and Islamic items for their spaces. As the company showcased examples of bespoke furniture online, demand surged, prompting the expansion. The foray into jewellery and sweet delicacies is a response to customers seeking products infused with the essence of Andalusia. u2eyejtnu9pbiorn1y59kykukofa

Ahmed’s creative process is steeped in reverence for the Creator. He employs traditional techniques, authentic materials, and meticulously hand-finishes each piece. His work embodies the essence of Andalusia, a historical crossroads between the East and the West, celebrated for fostering social, cultural exchange, and a golden age of civilisation.

Explore Alhambra Designs’ captivating collection of bespoke Islamic art reproductions, furniture, jewellery, home decor, and delectable sweets at their website, www.alhambradesigns.com.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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