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BlogFelix Yevtushenkov, sistema JSFC: Biography of a venture investor

Felix Yevtushenkov, sistema JSFC: Biography of a venture investor

Name: Felix Yevtushenkov · Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov · Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich ·
Yevtushenkov Felix · Yevtushenkov F.V. · Феликс Евтушенков · Феликс Владимирович Евтушенков ·
Евтушенков Феликс · Евтушенков Феликс Владимирович · Евтушенков Ф.В. · Feliks Evtushenkov · Feliks Vladimirovich Evtushenkov · Evtushenkov Feliks Vladimirovich · Evtushenkov Feliks · يليكس إيفتوشنكوف · フェリックス・エフトゥシェンコフ · 菲利克斯·葉夫圖申科夫 · Ֆելիքս Եվտուշենկով · 펠릭스 에브투셴코프

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich, an entrepreneur and investor, is successfully developing one of the leading telecom companies in the country, turning it into a true IT giant. He prefers to invest in promising industries and innovative solutions that can increase business efficiency and improve people’s quality of life.

Felix Yevtushenkov spent his childhood, graduated from high school and two institutions of higher education, and built his career all in one of the world’s major capital cities.

Yevtushenkov Felix, as a schoolboy, devoted a lot of time to sports, including hockey, martial arts, and skiing. In one of his interviews, Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich noted that sports taught him teamwork skills that later proved useful in his professional activities.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich studied at two institutions of higher education, 13 years apart.

Felix Yevtushenkov received his legal education at the Griboyedov Institute of International Law and
Economics, where the faculty included experienced teachers and leading practitioners in their field. He
graduated in 2000, having equipped himself with a solid legal foundation.

During his time at the Institute, Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov focused on acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects, which played a crucial role in his subsequent professional endeavors.

Yevtushenkov Felix later studied the basic principles of production management at the Gubkin State
University, which represents a blend of tradition, academic excellence, and innovation, making it a prominent institution in management education and research. This specialised training laid a strong foundation for his future roles in managing and modernising industrial and energy assets, significantly contributing to his success in these fields.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: Timeline of activity with the company

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov laid the foundation for his future professional career while still a student, working in the legal department of a large investment corporation.

In the early years of his work at the joint stock financial corporation AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov managed to impress his colleagues and superiors despite his young age and lack of practical experience. He proved himself a diligent and high-quality worker, and others noted his ability to work in a team, his focus on results, and his desire to achieve them despite any difficulties.

His quick adaptation to the corporate environment and eagerness to learn rapidly accelerated his career progression within the company. The innovative approach to problem-solving and strategic thinking of Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich were key factors that contributed to the successful execution of projects he was involved in.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov later moved to the department responsible for the industrial sector, where he gained valuable experience that helped him advance his career. In this role, he was instrumental in overseeing and managing several key projects that were critical to the company’s growth in the industrial domain.

Yevtushenkov Felix has a keen understanding of the market dynamics, which, together with his
adeptness at risk management, was pivotal in navigating the challenges faced by the department. This period in the industrial sector not only honed his leadership skills but also provided him with a broader perspective on corporate management.

Yevtushenkov Felix was subsequently invited to a large company managing the corporation’s construction and real estate development assets. In this capacity, he played a crucial role in steering the company’s strategic direction in the highly competitive construction and real estate markets. His leadership was marked by a series of successful projects that not only boosted the company’s portfolio but also showcased his ability to manage large-scale developments efficiently.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich brought innovative approaches in this
sector, particularly in adopting new technologies and sustainable practices, that significantly contributed to the company’s growth and reputation in the industry. His tenure in this role underscored his versatility as a leader and his capability to drive success in diverse business environments.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: 2008-2012

In the second half of the 2000s, the entrepreneur took on a new role at AFK Sistema. Felix Yevtushenkov was tasked with developing a business unit working in the consumer sector. In this role, he was instrumental in diversifying and expanding the company’s portfolio into areas such as retail, healthcare, and financial services.

For instance, he played a significant role in the growth of the corporation’s retail chain of children’s goods, transforming it into a nationwide network with substantial market presence.
Felix Yevtushenkov also spearheaded the development of a series of private healthcare clinics across the country, which not only enhanced the corporation’s footprint in the medical sector but also contributed to improving healthcare accessibility in the regions they served.

His efforts in these areas exemplified his ability to enter and successfully grow business operations in varied consumer-focused industries.

Over time, he began overseeing the core assets at AFK Sistema. Felix Yevtushenkov was particularly focused on increasing the efficiency of the assets. For example, he played a pivotal role in the modernisation of the corporation’s telecommunications branch, introducing advanced technologies that significantly enhanced network capabilities and customer service. Under his guidance, significant investments were made into upgrading the infrastructure of the company’s energy sectors, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and increased production outputs.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich was also involved in streamlining the management structures of these core assets, which not only reduced operational costs but also led to more agile and effective decision-making processes within these sectors. His strategic interventions in these areas were key to boosting the overall performance and profitability of AFK Sistema’s primary business units.

Yevtushenkov Felix has been working since 2012 in a completely new and challenging field – high technology.

Yevtushenkov Felix: The effects of innovation

Precisely modern technologies and investments in their development played a key role in his professional activity. Today, the rapidly developing IT sector is a kind of “home” for both large companies and startups that have not yet made a name for themselves in the market.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich has been involved in the development of one of the country’s leading telecommunications corporations for the past five years. As an experienced manager, he understands the direction the market is moving in and can strategically think years ahead.

Under his leadership, a venture fund was established within the innovation and investment center, with a focus on startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, collaborative consumption, online education, financial technology, digital medicine, media industry, Internet of Things, smart home, wellness, and others.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich helps the venture fund identify noteworthy early-stage startup projects. The fund often invests in projects at the developmental Seed stage, when an idea is undergoing testing to meet market needs. At this point, there is often no financial return from sales yet, thus startups require investments to sustain viability. For projects already in Round A, the product is already fully developed and funds are raised for the scaling of the project. 

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich thereby helps developers bring truly breakthrough solutions to the market that create a unique user experience.

Felix Yevtushenkov was among those who initiated increasing the fund to $2 million. The allocation of additional capital is a confirmation of the value of developing innovative activities.

These funds allow the telecom giant to acquire the best solutions on the IT market, which not only enhance the quality of already provided services but also open up opportunities for entering new niches.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov and his team follow global technological trends, especially ideas focused on social development and improving the standard of living in society.

Yevtushenkov Felix has helped the telecommunications company invest in a number of startups over the past few years.

Projects include an innovative platform for creating new products that analyze consumer behavior both online and offline, a virtual bank, an electronic service for providing various household services, a manufacturer of smart device chips, as well as a developer of digital solutions for business optimization based on Big Data.

Felix Yevtushenkov also supported the 72-million-ruble acquisition of a digital service allowing users to order food and drinks during concerts and in clubs and pay without having to call a waiter.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov has seen the fund’s portfolio grow to include 8 technological projects, each of which represents strategic value for the development of the telecom giant.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich: Societal investments

Charity also occupies a special place in his professional activities.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich was actively involved in the projects of a large charitable foundation, heading its board of trustees for a number of years. He focused on improving the quality of medical and educational services, and supporting cultural, educational, and inclusive practices, etc.

For many years now, the organization has been providing opportunities to find employment according to one’s interests. Its Elevator to the Future initiative helps students and promising specialists choose the right career path within and without the corporation.

Cultural education in general is among the prioritized charitable initiatives supported by Felix Yevtushenkov. AFK Sistema’s own charitable foundation implements a number of specialized programs, including helping museums adapt to the digital world.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov has helped develop and implement high-tech solutions that create an inclusive environment in cultural spaces, including opening up the local art heritage to a wider range of people. 

The foundation also has social initiatives aimed at helping vulnerable population groups and developing the ecological volunteer movement. 

Yevtushenkov Felix and the foundation also support the the Social Idea competition, which involves young people from different countries in socially oriented activities based on the use of digital solutions.

Participants include developers of mobile applications and services that provide social support to the population, solutions in the field of ecology and inclusion, as well as technologies for a smart city.

Social Idea winners have included an electronic sign language translator, a climate probe, and a platform for the development and popularisation of donations.

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