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BusinessUK Business Coaching Savant Hailed as the Living Wendy Rhoades from Acclaimed...

UK Business Coaching Savant Hailed as the Living Wendy Rhoades from Acclaimed US TV Show Billions

A multitude of prominent figures, from politicians and CEOs to hedge fund magnates and Premier League footballers, have acclaimed a London-based business coach, psychologist, and psychotherapist as the real-life counterpart to Wendy Rhoades, the revered coaching guru depicted in the award-winning US TV series Billions.

Dannielle Haig, a distinguished business psychologist and coach renowned for her tailored leadership development programmes, has garnered comparisons to the on-screen coaching virtuoso responsible for elevating the performance of top traders and corporate leaders in the television narrative.

Amidst the surge in demand for her services, Dannielle’s company, DH Consulting Ltd, has experienced unprecedented growth since the onset of lockdown. Currently boasting consultants in Singapore, Japan, India, and Dubai, she recently celebrated the addition of her 26th business partner in the United States, an achievement that highlights the international reach of her endeavors.

Based in London, Dannielle and her global team collaborate with some of the most influential and significant business executives and political leaders globally, offering comprehensive support across the spectrum of business leadership, performance psychology, and training.

With the expansion of the DH Consulting Ltd team and the continued growth of her business, Dannielle intends to introduce a wider array of leadership development programmes and coaching services, culminating in the grand re-launch of her business website in September.

She remarked, “I have the privilege of working with high-profile individuals, and it is truly fascinating how many of them liken me to ‘their Wendy’ from the TV show Billions. I must admit, to some extent, the comparison is apt and assists them in comprehending the value I bring to them and their enterprises.”

“DH Consulting Ltd has experienced an astounding trajectory since the inception of lockdown. I am immensely fortunate to have assembled a team of esteemed experts in our field, collaborating to provide unparalleled business psychology and coaching support on a global scale. With this rapid growth, we have decided to undertake a company re-launch post-summer to reflect the collective effort of our entire team.”

In addition to housing business coaches and psychologists, Dannielle’s team comprises neuroscientists, behavior experts, nutrition specialists, personal trainers, and work-life balance consultants, facilitating a 360-degree approach that leaves no aspect unaddressed.

She further added, “In order for my clients to reach their utmost potential, they must achieve peak fitness in every facet of their lives – encompassing home, health, mental well-being, and work. Therefore, offering a comprehensive service was a logical choice.”

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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