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Reghunters, a Novel Online Venture Focused on Exclusive Number Plates, Launches in North West Region

In the North West region, a pioneering online enterprise has emerged, dedicated to the sale of distinctive number plates.

Reghunters.co.uk proudly presents an extensive collection of private number plates, encompassing an impressive selection of over 63 million plates available for purchase. The enterprise is headquartered in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Positioning itself as the most affordable retailer of number plates in the United Kingdom, Reghunters.co.uk offers plates starting from a mere £25 plus VAT, along with an additional DVLA transfer fee amounting to £80.

A user-friendly website complements the business, enabling customers to effortlessly explore their desired number plate combinations. The pricing for each plate is displayed transparently, devoid of any concealed charges.

The visionary behind Reghunters is Jon Kirkbright, an industry veteran with a noteworthy 11-year tenure. Throughout his career, Kirkbright has discerned numerous motivations driving customers to acquire number plates, ranging from unique gift choices to replacements for original plates that have fallen victim to cloning attempts.

According to Jon, a cardinal rule governs the procurement of private number plates: one cannot bestow an illusion of youthfulness upon their vehicle.

He elaborated, saying, “Some of the registrations we showcase are timeless and compatible with vehicles of any age. In case of uncertainty, we encourage you to seek our free expert advice.”

In addition to their retail operations, Reghunters also extends a complimentary valuation service to customers who already possess private number plates.

Mr. Kirkbright encourages individuals in possession of private registration plates to explore the current worth of their investments, as they might have experienced a twofold increase in value within a mere three-year timeframe.

He remarked, “I steadfastly believe that private number plates should double in value every three to five years. Acquiring a private plate serves as an astute investment, as they often appreciate in value.”

The valuation service has garnered immense popularity among Reghunters’ clientele, eliciting an average of 250 valuation requests per day.

Jon further elaborated, stating, “We receive an influx of 250 valuation requests daily. We meticulously evaluate each request, offering customers the price at which we would be willing to acquire the plate for our inventory, as well as the expected retail price.”

RegHunters additionally facilitates registration transfers, streamlining the process for customers who seek to switch their plates with ease. A single document submission suffices, obviating the need for intricate paperwork.

Jon elucidated, saying, “Our proficient team at RegHunter takes great pride in managing all aspects of registration transfer paperwork, liaising with the DVLA on your behalf. In most cases, we expedite the process within a span of 7 days upon receiving your V5 document.”

Looking towards the future, RegHunters contemplates expansion and endeavors to create local employment opportunities within the Blackpool area. Jon intends to recruit a staff member possessing sales and administrative experience, ideally with a background in the automotive industry.

For further information, please visit Reghunters.co.uk or explore their Facebook page by clicking here.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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