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BlogLuxury Serviced Apartment Services You Need to Know About!

Luxury Serviced Apartment Services You Need to Know About!

Serviced apartments have experienced unprecedented levels of growth in recent years. Recent studies have found that 52 per cent of all corporations claim that their use of these locations has dramatically increased since 2020. This is partially due to the sheer number of amenities that guests can enjoy. Let’s examine eight unique services specifically associated with these types of accommodations and the benefits of each.

Rooms with Character

The term “generic” should never apply to serviced apartments. On the contrary, guests will normally be provided with a range of themes to choose from. Whether referring to period properties or rooms with a contemporary flair, options abound.

24/7 Concierge Services

Quality luxury rental apartments in London will likewise provide guests with access to a professional concierge; regardless of the time of day or evening. This enables guests to ask questions, to request specific services or simply to feel as if they have arrived at their new (temporary) home.

Convenient Locations

Why choose a property located miles away from your intended destination. Some of the most reputable serviced apartments boast numerous locations; helping to take the guesswork out of any potential travel logistics.

Personalised Attention to Guest Requirements

Every guest matters. While many franchised properties embrace this mantra, relatively few actually deliver. Serviced apartments treat each and every client with the importance that they deserve. This helps to avoid any unexpected problems and perhaps more importantly, such an attitude reflects positively upon the establishment as a whole.

Additional On-Site Options

While quality apartments are impressive in and of themselves, what about other possibilities during your stay? From on-site restaurants to complimentary access toa nearby pool, travelling alone or with your family has never been more pleasurable.

Support for Business Travellers

The global business travel industry was worth in excess of $933 billion dollars in 2022. It therefore stands to reason that professionals are always on the lookout

for properties that can cater to their unique requirements. From secure wireless hotspots to rooms equipped for high-level meetings, the business of serviced apartments is indeed “business”.

Flexible Rental Agreements

Many clients who choose these types of properties are planning for a long-term stay (generally more than two weeks). Serviced apartments boast flexible booking options and rental agreements that can often be modified in accordance with one’s discrete budgetary requirements.

Complimentary and Reliable Housekeeping

Self-catering apartments will likewise ensure that cleanliness is never called into question. Daily housekeeping services guarantee that the rooms are always fresh and inviting; regardless of what time you may be arriving after a long day or an evening out on the town.

Still, please note that this article was not written with the intention of disparaging franchised properties or generic hotels in any way. It was nearly meant to highlight some of the many reasons why serviced apartments have become such attractive alternatives in these modern times. Whether you will be travelling for business or pleasure, luxury is moments away when choosing to partner with one of these amazing locations.

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