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BusinessUK Workplaces Embrace Family-Focused Team Events Over Formal Work Parties

UK Workplaces Embrace Family-Focused Team Events Over Formal Work Parties

In the era of hybrid working and rising costs at home, UK workplaces are prioritizing staff parties that include the whole family, aiming to foster a sense of community and togetherness within the workplace.

Although offices may be quieter due to remote working, companies are not slowing down when it comes to team-building events for their workforce. According to a recent survey by Poptop, the number of workplace parties is increasing, with more UK businesses opting for smaller, family-focused events instead of extravagant corporate parties.

Changing Trends in Corporate Parties

Poptop, a leading online party planning platform, surveyed 370 business clients to understand the evolving trends in corporate party planning amidst the hybrid working boom and the cost of living crisis. Surprisingly, the survey revealed a significant 48% increase in staff gatherings and parties compared to 2019. Importantly, the types of parties being organized are changing, with a substantial 57% surge in new, “family-friendly” corporate events.

These smaller and budget-conscious gatherings welcome team members to bring their partners and children, offering a departure from the traditional alcohol-heavy Christmas events that were synonymous with 21st-century workplace culture. This shift in tone is also reflected in the types of party services chosen by corporate bookers. Buffet catering and bartender bookings have declined by 40% since 2019, while corporate food services like barbecues have seen a 60% increase. Notably, family activity bookings, such as magicians and children’s entertainers, have skyrocketed by 100% compared to 2019.

The Rise of Hybrid Working

The move towards remote and hybrid working has played a significant role in shaping this trend. The Office for National Statistics reports that 44% of UK workers now engage in some form of hybrid working. While hybrid working offers numerous benefits, it poses a potential challenge for HR departments to maintain team connections, which were once essential to workplace culture. Building personal connections between employees and bringing teams together have become vital for productivity and overall business success.

With the integration of the workplace into the home due to hybrid working, employees seek to incorporate more elements of their home life into the office environment. Family-focused workplace events serve as a novel solution, bridging the gap between work and family life. Moreover, as families face rising costs, companies can offer their employees a cost-effective means of entertaining their whole family.

Benefits for Businesses

These family-friendly events offer advantages to businesses as well. They are easier to budget compared to traditional corporate events since they often take place at the office or nearby parks and outdoor spaces, reducing venue costs. Consequently, companies can organize team gatherings more frequently, with multiple Poptop clients reporting planned corporate events every few months rather than once or twice a year.

“We have observed a significant change in party planning patterns post-COVID, not only among private bookers but also in corporate parties and gatherings. With a large proportion of people working remotely or adopting a hybrid model, it has become essential to bring staff together frequently, and more HR departments are starting to realize this. Furthermore, the shift in work-life balance encourages companies to arrange more family-friendly gatherings to accommodate employees with children.” – Eugene Shestopal, CEO of Poptop.

About Poptop

Poptop is a platform that elevates parties to the next level, inspiring party planners with extraordinary services and experiences from some of the UK’s best event suppliers. With its unique ‘Live Pricing & Availability’ technology, Poptop simplifies party planning, removes stress, and offers a seamless booking experience. Over 85,000 events have been planned through Poptop, making it one of the largest party planning platforms in the UK.

For more information, please visit: https://www.poptop.uk.com/

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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