Richard Hillgrove – 6HILLGROVE PR Chairman and Founder looks to expand agency to Manchester in the coming year


6HILLGROVE PR is a prominent PR company founded in 2004 by its Chairman and founder, a PR guru from New Zealand. With a long history in the PR industry, Hillgrove has built a solid reputation for his expert knowledge and exceptional PR skills. He started his career at Express Newspapers where he took on the role of Northern Ad Controller after the closure of the Manchester office. Despite the initial challenges of gaining the trust of the Mancunian community, Hillgrove and his team worked hard to build a positive relationship with the locals.

The establishment of 6HILLGROVE PR marked the beginning of a new chapter in Hillgrove’s PR career. Over the years, the company has grown and has established itself as a well-respected PR firm with a diverse client base. Hillgrove’s clients include Wakelet, a Manchester-based global Ed-Tech platform, and GAS Music, located at Media City. These clients are a testament to Hillgrove’s expertise and the exceptional PR services offered by 6HILLGROVE PR.

Manchester is a city that Hillgrove has his eye on, and he sees a lot of potential for the future of 6HILLGROVE PR in the city. With the growing progress and exciting developments happening in Manchester, Hillgrove is considering opening a Manchester office in the near future. This will allow the company to be more accessible to the local community and better serve their needs. Hillgrove is a visionary PR expert who is passionate about the PR industry and the city of Manchester. With his rich experience and exceptional skills, Hillgrove and 6HILLGROVE PR are set to take the PR world by storm. He is a leader in the industry


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