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Gender Equality in Recruitment and Manufacturing

Even though women represent almost half of the UK workforce, unfortunately there is still a long way to go to promote gender equality within both the recruitment and manufacturing sectors.

Shockingly, there is a 70% difference between male and female representation in the manufacturing industry, with the overall workforce being composed of 85% men. However, where there is a challenge, there is a great opportunity.  Recruiters for the sector must take responsibility for driving that change.

The way the manufacturing industry adapted during the pandemic demonstrated that the organisations within this sector are resilient and the industry is thriving. Consumer goods remains the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and by placing the right talent in the right businesses, this fact will remain for decades to come – but how do leaders in the sector ensure that they are increasing their talent pool by appealing to both men and women? What happens when there is a lack of women applying for roles within manufacturing? The onus must be on the recruitment agencies, and the manufacturing businesses they recruit for, to create positions and an environment that will appeal to women – across all levels.

Alexander Steele is leading the way. Across their offices in Edinburgh and Manchester they understand that to see the change, you need to be the change. They place importance on gender equality within their own business and offer equal pay at all levels. For every position they recruit for internally, they endeavour to interview an equal number of women and men for the roles and to offer salaries based solely upon experience and responsibilities.

Today, companies have to practise inclusive hiring and it’s a recruiter’s job to ensure standards are being exceeded.  Alexander Steele educates their clients on best practices and ensure this is rolled out for every vacancy. Aside from that, they encourage their clients to consider carefully the way in which a role will appeal to all, and discuss with them their structure and environment in order to promote equal opportunities.

In the opinion of founder Courtney Steele, a balanced workforce is what will ultimately drive sales and growth. Adaptability is one of the business’s core values at Alexander Steele and Courtney Steele believes women have a natural tendency to be out-of-box thinkers vital to this value. Men and women have different perspectives and when a business brings fresh ideas to the table and adjust processes, it thrives as a result.

Gender equality in the workforce starts with adequate representation in leadership.  Until recently, there has been a lack of board level, female role models in the staffing industry; but this is changing and is another area in which Alexander Steele is proud to lead the way. As a female Director, Courtney Steele focuses on equipping her female employees with the skills, guidance, motivation and support they need to help them climb the ladder.

Many candidates may feel a hesitation to recruit within an industry so heavily male dominated but in Steele’s experience, the female recruiter in manufacturing has the edge. In a world of male voices, women represent a different point of view. If you as a sector want to encourage more women into manufacturing roles, who better to communicate that, than women themselves?
Unlike recruitment within service industries, consumer goods is proven to thrive throughout economic challenges; as long as people continue to eat and drink, you will continue to win business, and salaries within manufacturing sit 12% higher than in the rest of the economy. It is a fast-moving and exciting industry to work within. Those working in this sector see new products and consumer trends before the rest of the world, they witness the emergence of brands and their growth, and work alongside these businesses to expand teams and combat demand.

If you are interested in a career in recruitment or manufacturing or would like to explore new opportunities, please get in touch with Alexander Steele.

Alexander Steele is a recruitment consultancy with offices based in Manchester and Edinburgh. They work across the UK, hiring talent for the consumer goods sector.
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