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Top Ways Businesses Waste Time In 2021 and Beyond


Wasted time in business can impact the cash flow and drastically limit the potential of the firm. Still, everybody makes bad decisions or procrastinates on occasion.

The last year’s events plunged many businesses into chaos, with some recovering while others continue to struggle to get back to where they were. It has not been an easy ordeal. If there were ever a time for entrepreneurs to use every precious moment available to them, it would undoubtedly be from the start of 2020 to what will likely be much of 2022 as well.

How can you improve things here? Read on for some of our insights.


Refine the Hiring Process

Recruiting the wrong person into your business can be an enormous waste of time and resources. Greater care is needed here.

Start with the interview stage. Orchestrate a more meticulous process by:

Letting the interviewee do most of the talking – You’ll spend less time preparing for the interview this way. Keep in mind most candidates will be rejected if there is only one opening, so don’t waste time on all of them. Let them do most of the talking, and either let them impress you or dig their own grave.
Present hypothetical situations – Any job candidate can claim they tick every box on the job description. Expose any liars and pitch some hypothetical problem-solving scenarios to them. Candidates who are suitable for the position will stand out under these circumstances.
Check references – In 2019, most companies believed reference checks were outdated, but they are essential for recruiting high-quality and trustworthy talent. Do not forego the basics of hiring workers.
Review social media footprints – Remember that anyone can be friendly and pleasant in a job interview for 30 minutes. See where things really stand by reviewing candidates’ social media profiles. Do they post bigoted opinions or speak poorly of past employers? People often forget their online activities are available for the world to see, so do some digging.

Many of these processes may save you a significant amount of time. Checking social media may not seem like a productive thing to do, but if it prevents you from taking on a bad hire for the next few years, those 15 minutes you spend could be a gamechanger.


Maintenance and Testing

Nothing can be worse for businesses than stalled activities. No firm can survive for long on the constant stopping and starting of their processes, and the bother can be enough to temper ambitions.

There are ways to improve things here. If you want to automate the testing and maintenance of software in your company successfully, visit forallsecure.com. You can apply this to application security testing, pre-empting future threats and making your security measures invisible and unbreachable. Application developers can then focus on building other things, like new features and software.

Talented workers can be soon overwhelmed by the more menial aspects of their job role. Unfortunately, these elements are often recurring too. By introducing automated technologies, you can alleviate many of these burdens and bring greater attention to the areas of your firm that urgently need input and innovation.


Hiding Procrastination

Procrastination is often wrapped up with feelings of shame. However, it’s a perfectly natural thing to do and something that should be somewhat embraced rather than suppressed entirely.

However, contrary to popular belief, procrastination is not always such an ugly thing and can actually be used to your firm’s advantage. Procrastination can be a handy ‘reset’ tool, giving yourself a quick break to recharge your batteries. That pause may help you strike that breakthrough you were desperate for, approaching your problem-solving technique from a new angle.

Try to remove the negative emotions that surround procrastination. Ensure your workers do the same. The more secret it is, the more destructive a presence it may be in your workforce. Transparency is critical in business, pacing the workflow, so reframe how you think about and use procrastination. A five-minute break every 30 minutes is far better than wasting hours at a time later in the day.


Refusing to Outsource

Some entrepreneurs let their pride and vanity get in the way. They will seek to do everything in-house, come hell or high water.

However, the refusal to outsource crucial parts of your business can actually limit your firm’s prospects. It doesn’t make sense to have internal congestion as far as your processes are concerned. If you offload some of your firm’s responsibilities to an expert third party, your company can slow down and get its bearings.

Think about the well-being of your workers too. Those who are consistently overworked will look for employment opportunities elsewhere if needed. Their job performance may also suffer as fatigue builds. By outsourcing some areas of your firm, you can improve their satisfaction rates, reduce turnover, and ensure quality results for your company.

Of course, limping on instead of securing support is a waste of everyone’s time. Under these measures, your company will never be able to evolve. Outsource where appropriate, and push your firm forward into the future more comfortably.


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