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Four surprising facts about vinyl banner advertising


The marketing industry has been heavily digitalised, and traditional techniques are often forgotten. However, tangible marketing materials like banners, posters and business cards are still effective and much more affordable than the digital route. Vinyl banners are an excellent way to catch attention and advertise your business without blowing your budget.


Here are some surprising facts about vinyl banners and how you can use them for marketing your business.


They are cost effective

You can order vinyl banners in bulk and use them for different events, stores and locations. You can often get a discount on bulk orders to save yourself a few pennies and make sure you have backups if one gets damaged. Vinyl banners are also cheaper than most signage formats – making them perfect for those just starting up in the business world and for local independent businesses.


Great for reoccurring events

Vinyl banners can be stored easily and used for different events. They look professional and attractive to potential customers with the right design and layout.


They can be heavily customised

Vinyl banners are customisable so you can choose the graphics, layout, colours, and size. You can make your banner as straightforward or as busy as you like. Some businesses opt for a simple design to catch the consumer’s attention without overwhelming them. In comparison, others opt for a colourful banner to stand out against the crowd at networking events.

Your marketing materials should feature the same colour palette of up to three tones from your brand style, a logo, contact information and a summary of what your company is about. You need to create a sense of brand cohesion and a strong visual identity so that consumers will remember you. Make sure these colours are used in your vinyl banner and that you include the necessary information.


Brand recognition is an essential part of any business. Make sure you customise your banner with the needs of your company in mind. You could even include a hint of the company values in the banner, such as using a green shade to represent your interest in eco-friendly practices.


You should also consider where the information is placed on the banner. The most important information, like your brand name and social media handle, should be clear and bold. Your brand description, event details, and contact details should also stand out amongst the banner’s colour and graphics. Make sure everything is clear and legible.


They are extremely durable

You don’t need to worry about the weather conditions with a vinyl banner. They can withstand extended periods outside as they are made from highly durable materials. They are also lightweight and easy to transport around.

Invest in some branded vinyl banners to market your business with flair this year!

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