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Why Digital Transformation Is The Next Evolution Of Your Business

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It’s a big word, digital transformation, and is a term that goes beyond just ensuring you have the right computers in place. Digital transformation is to do with, as well as technical changes, a cultural shift, and relates to the different, fundamental ways a business goes about its daily operations, brings value to customers and looks to innovate. It is purposefully vague because it will mean different things to different people, and organisations, depending on their business model, strategy, or sector.


At its heart, a digital transformation strategy looks at the integration, and relationship, of technology within a company to ensure that, at the end of the process, they are a completely digital business that can offer radically different customer experiences, internal ways of working and communication, both internal and external.


Our IT Support experts at Everything Tech understand the digital transformation that all businesses must go through, which is why we feel ideally suited to help you plan, and execute, a digital transformation strategy in 2021. From the aforementioned IT Support to other managed IT services, such as IT Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and IT Training, we have a holistic approach to technology that has helped plenty of businesses embrace their own digital transformation.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is all about embracing digital technology and accepting the notion of continuous change within a business to help improve results. Business transformation, of this nature, can help to smooth out processes, lead to more innovation, and empower employees – all of which can help a company’s bottom line.


While some businesses see a digital transformation project as an unwelcome distraction to their pre-ordained strategy, a successful transformation can add a great deal of value to a business. For example, by integrating technology into their strategy, a company can learn more about consumer behaviour by examining search results, it can develop the knowledge to know how to beat their competitors by learning new skills or understanding an emerging industry trend, or, it can enable and empower employees to work remotely, and more flexibly, giving them a greater work-life balance.


It is certainly worth noting that the current Covid-19 pandemic has seen the pace of this digital transformation, and the speed at which people have moved through this process, increase drastically, and for good reason. With offices shut down and the traditional way of working gone up in smoke, businesses have been forced to reckon with the fact that a broad range of software, and appropriate cloud architecture, is needed to carry out even regular business tasks.

How Everything Tech Can Help You Embrace Digital Technology

As a business that has written its own digital transformation strategy, and undergone the necessary changes to ensure digital technology is woven into both our business model and our customer service model, we have seen the benefits of it first hand. This first-hand experience has made us passionate about getting out there and helping other businesses, no matter what industry they operate in, with their own digital transformation strategy.


We begin by getting under the skin of your current digital transformation efforts and work to understand your current relationship with technology and IT. This helps us understand what work is needed to be done to ensure a successful transformation. Our team of experts then get to work installing software, creating new processes and getting the most cutting-edge technology, software, and systems in the hands of your team so you can all quickly begin to materially feel the benefit of a digital transformation.


There is, however, one other key thing that we do during this digital transformation project and that is training. Updating an entire business, and modernising its entire IT procedures and systems, through a digital transformation initiative, is more than just giving people new laptops and smartphones. We know this, which is why our training programmes will empower your employees to use the equipment, and make sure that they get the most out of it. A digital transformation is nothing without giving your employees the knowledge, and confidence, to be more innovative, productive and streamline – three key traits of a truly digital business.

Looking To Start Your Own Digital Transformation Initiative? Get In Touch With Everything Tech

There has never been a better time for organisations to create a symbiotic relationship with their digital technology. There is, however, no need for them, or you, to do it alone, so, if you’re excited by the digital transformation revolution, but feel unsure about where to start, then why not get in touch with our team by phone on 0161 826 2220 or email us at [email protected].

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