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What Makes the Mercedes A-Class Electric the Perfect Business Car?

The A-Class range has been a huge success for Mercedes. It’s now one of the most popular cars available in the UK. Rivalling similar cars like the BMW 1 series and the Audi A3 Sportback, its currently the only top of the range hatchbackthat is available as a plug-in hybrid. The Mercedes A-Class combines a 1.33 litre petrol engine with a 15.6kWh battery and electric motor, making it a brilliant choice for businesses wanting to reduce their emissions and cut their costs.

If you’re interested in making the switch from manual to an electric vehicle to be more environmentally friendly, you may be wondering about affordability. Always read your Mercedes Benz manuals before making a choice. Whilst there are some amazing electric cars out there, it can be hard for the average person to afford them. Luckily, there’s Fleet Evoution – electric car lease salary sacrifice! In exchange for a fully-maintained electric company car, you forgo a small amount of your pre-tax salary each month. Not only does this allow you to save on income tax and national insurance contributions, but it also gives you the option of leasing an electric car. Contact Fleet Evolution for more information today!

But these aren’t the only reasons why you should consider driving this amazing car. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider the Mercedes A-Class Electric as your next business car:

1. The Impact on Benefit in Kind

One of the main reasons why so many business owners are choosing to purchase the Mercedes A-Class electric is because it can have an impact on their benefit in kind. Electric or hybrid cars that have emissions below 1-50g/km and a pure electric mile range of 130 miles or more pay 0% tax on benefits in kind. Also, company car drivers are taxed at 0%. In light of these incentives, lots of businesses in the UK are considering purchasing or hiring all-electric or hybrid vehicles.

2. The Battery Life

The Mercedes A-Class has one of the largest batteries of any PHEV. In actual fact, it measures a huge 15.6kWh, which is much larger than batteries used in similar rival cars.Remember, in a hybrid vehicle, the amount of fuel you use and the amount of money you save is dictated by how many miles you can travel using the electric battery. This car can manage a huge 45 miles on electricity alone.

And that’s not all what’s more is that the Mercedes A-Class Electric can also charge faster than any of its rivals. It takesapproximately half an hour to fully charge the electric battery in this vehicle.


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3. The Running Costs

When it comes to choosing a business car, the running costs are often one of the first things we look at. And thanks to the Mercedes A-Class battery being so long-lasting, you’ll be able to achieve some ridiculously low running costs with this car (as long as you remember to charge the battery). Also, if youchoose a Mercedes A Class lease from Vantage Leasing, your monthly payments will likely be lower compared to other forms of finance. Vantage Leasing will help to find you the most suitable Mercedes for your budget. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that they’ll find the perfect car for you.

4. The Performance

While the A-Class electric may not match up to other models of Mercedes in terms of performance, it’s still one of the best hybrid options available. The Mercedes A-Class electric can reach 60mph in 6.4 seconds and it can run on electricity at speeds up to 87mph.

5. The interior

The A-Class was first released in 2018, though if you look at the inside of the vehicle, you certainly won’t be able to tell that it’s already a couple of years old. This amazing car comes with a touchscreen display and an infotainment system that is simple to use. It has a modern and stylish interior, whichyou’ll be happy to show off for years to come.

The A-Class has been a roaring success for Mercedes. It’s the only premium hatchback available as a plug-in hybrid option. There are lots of reasons why you should consider driving this amazing vehicle, including the performance and the battery life. Why not book your test-drive today?



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