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AutomotiveDiscover BMW Individual: A World of Extensive Car Modification Options

Discover BMW Individual: A World of Extensive Car Modification Options

Exclusivity is valued more than ever in the automotive market these days. For this reason, some car manufacturers try to offer their customers solutions that emphasize exclusivity, and BMW is no exception. BMW has been offering the Individual program, which is a commitment to exclusivity, since 1991. This program allows customers to customize their newly ordered BMW cars, making each vehicle a unique and rare piece. Despite the limited options, the BMW Individual program enhances the cars’ exclusivity. It ensures their long-term value retention, as confirmed by car market specialists. So, what exclusive solutions does BMW Individual offer today? lllparts.co.uk specialists are here to walk you through the diverse range of unique offerings.

Car exterior solutions

As mentioned earlier, the BMW Individual program makes a car unique, or at least gives it the impression of being one-of-a-kind. In this case, the car body and its color are the most noticeable, so one of the most basic solutions of BMW Individual is the possibility to paint the car body in the desired color at the factory. For example, customers who order new BMW cars usually can choose just a few colors from the catalog. Meanwhile, the Individual program offers more than 160 different shades. According to BMW, the variety of paint colors and finishes varies from model to model, and each year, new colors and models are added. Besides, every paint is thoroughly tested due to the most rigid quality requirements because they must meet BMW standards and, most importantly, customer expectations.

BMW Individual offers a selection of four paint finishes: non-metallics, classic metallics, shiny pearl effects, and exquisite BMW Frozen paints. The bright, non-metallic choices create a robust, simple image showing confidence. Metallic paints shine with the small aluminum flakes that reflect the light and add to the color’s depth. The additional flakes in the Pearl Effect finishes change their color from different angles, and thus, they look like the lustrous effect of pearls. BMW’s Frozen paints, produced in limited numbers, have a matte finish highlighting the car’s design using silicates in the clear coat to create a unique, velvet-like surface. Most importantly, the Imola Red paint, a vibrant, triple-coat color, is an excellent example of BMW’s classic design and is very much appreciated for its depth and intensity.


When it comes to the interior

Of course, the interior of the car should not be forgotten. Here, Individual also offers many different solutions that allow choosing not only the colors of the interior finishes but also, in many cases, the materials from which they will be made. Whether made of aluminum mesh, carbon, or fine wood, customers can order striking contrasts within BMW M’s interior or coordinate the trim and the leather upholstery for harmonious effects. The BMW 7 Series has the unique BMW Individual leather Merino and a wool-cashmere blend with some distinctive characteristics. This material is so soft that it captivates with its exceptional texture. Its long lifespan makes it ideal for BMW’s interior. Besides, its breathable and thermally insulating properties keep the interior temperature comfortable, whether extremely hot or cold.

Owners of even the most exclusive BMW models these days may need to order new parts for their BMW vehicles. The LLLParts online store is great for finding and purchasing the correct parts. More information is available at  https://www.lllparts.co.uk/bmw-parts.

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