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SportJurgen Klopp interview: Claims Liverpool boss 'continued yelling and screaming' after Manchester...

Jurgen Klopp interview: Claims Liverpool boss ‘continued yelling and screaming’ after Manchester United defeat

Niels Christian Frederiksen says he has “absolutely no problem” with Jurgen Klopp despite claiming his awkward interview with the Liverpool boss yesterday descended into the German “yelling and screaming”.

Viaplay reporter Frederiksen fell foul of Klopp following Liverpool’s 3-2 extra-time defeat at Manchester United in the FA Cup – ending the Reds’ hopes of a domestic and continental quadruple.

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Klopp took umbrage at a line of questioning that centred around Liverpool’s drop off in intensity during the extra period as the home side hit back from 2-1 down to set up a semi-final with Coventry City.

He snapped: “That’s a bit of a dumb question I have to say.

“If you see us often…if you never saw us, you can ask how can they have more resources? We played I don’t know how many games recently. I don’t know how many games exactly United have played. That’s sport. 

“Really disappointed by that question but you obviously thought it was good.”

The reporter followed up by clarifying Klopp’s explanation was down to “too many games”, at which Klopp responded: “Oh you don’t think that? Come on.

“You are obviously not in a great shape and I have no nerves for you.”

Frederiksen admitted his initial reaction, and that of people around him, was surprise at Klopp’s outburst.

He told Danish newspaper Tipsbladet: “I was very surprised by that, and those standing around were scared, and they were almost pressed against the wall like: ‘wow, what the hell just happened here?’.

Frederiksen also revealed that when the cameras stopped rolling and the producer cut back to the studio, the exchange continued.

He added: “It continued after what you saw on TV. He continued down the hall yelling and screaming at me. I also went after him because I thought it was something strange.

“I was very surprised, while there were some who looked very shocked, and they asked: ‘Are you okay?’ and [I said] ‘oh my God, I’m okay’.”

Frederiksen insisted he and Klopp had never had a problem previously.

He added: “I have interviewed Jurgen many times. I don’t know him personally, but I’ve been down to Mainz several times when Leon Andreasen and Mohamed Zidan were there, and I’ve also interviewed him in Dortmund and lots and lots of times during his Liverpool days. So we don’t have a bad relationship at all.”

Federiksen admitted he understood Klopp’s frustration and insisted he harboured no ill feeling despite clips of the interview going viral this morning.

He said: “I know that when you are one of the world’s best coaches, and you have been for years, it will not happen if you are not the world’s worst loser. The premise of being a good coach is that you don’t like losing and that you are a winner.

“I interpret it mostly that he was terribly frustrated that they lost to Manchester United in the way it happened, where they were ahead twice and should have had it in the bag. His dream scenario was to play an FA Cup final at Wembley in his last game in England and that has been taken away from him now. So I can understand him being super frustrated.

“Then he got a question that he didn’t think was appropriate. It has been a theme for them that they have had many injuries and many matches that he has complained about. Then he got a question about why they didn’t have intensity in the game, and then he snapped. That’s fair enough. I have absolutely no problems with that.”

Some have interpreted Klopp’s remark that Frederiksen was not “in great shape” to be a dig at the interviewer’s physical well-being but he insisted that part was a misunderstanding.

He added: “No, no, no, that’s not what he meant at all. First of all, I’m not overweight, and if I was, he would never, ever say that. 

“Klopp is not like that. It wasn’t meant that way at all. He thought I was out of shape to ask questions.

“There will be absolutely no problems in the future. I can’t imagine that at all. When I have to interview him again, we are still good friends – professionally speaking.”

Jon Fisher
Jon Fisher
Jon has over 20 years' experience in sports journalism having worked at the Press Association, Goal and Stats Perform, covering three World Cups, an Olympics and numerous other major sporting events.

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