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EnergyEternity Technologies Debuts Advanced QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery for Motive Power...

Eternity Technologies Debuts Advanced QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery for Motive Power Sector

Eternity Technologies, a global pioneer in battery solutions for industry, proudly presents the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery, crafted expressly for the motive power sector.

Harnessing the latest in technological advancements, Eternity Technologies is once again elevating the benchmark in the industry with its superior range expansion. The QUASAR Gel Battery assortment redefines performance standards, integrating VRLA Gel technology with innovative Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technologies. This combination ensures that the QUASAR Gel battery excels in Deep Cycle performance, offering the advantages of opportunity and accelerated charging.

The QUASAR Gel batteries stand out for their maintenance-free, valve regulated design, which obviates the need for topping up and any onsite maintenance. Featuring advanced Thin Tube technology in the QUASAR positive plate, these batteries boast enhanced energy density and improved discharge performance, alongside a leading-edge phenolic resin separator that withstands severe operational conditions and provides superior oxidation resistance.

A key feature of the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery is the use of carbon nanotubes in its construction, which allows Eternity Technologies to ensure unmatched conductivity and resilience, facilitating optimal performance in even the most rigorous environments.

Dedicated to sustainable practices, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery is environmentally conscious and fully recyclable, minimising its environmental footprint over its lifecycle.

Building on the acclaim of the QUASAR Motive Battery, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery further enhances user convenience by removing the necessity for regular upkeep, thereby offering seamless operation and a lower total cost of ownership.

Dr Mark Stevenson, CEO at Eternity Technologies, remarked: “Our QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery represents a significant milestone in our ongoing quest to deliver innovative and sustainable battery solutions to the motive power market.

“With its advanced technology and maintenance-free design, the QUASAR Gel Battery offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility, empowering our customers to achieve their operational goals.”

Eternity Technologies remains at the forefront of battery technology innovation, propelling the industry towards a greener, more efficient future.

For more information about the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery and the extensive range of energy solutions from Eternity Technologies, visit www.eternitytechnologies.com.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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