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AutomotiveCombining a Ghost Immobiliser with a tracker for ultimate car security

Combining a Ghost Immobiliser with a tracker for ultimate car security

A Ghost Immobiliser and a GPS Vehicle tracker are two of the most effective and popular methods of vehicle security and theft prevention currently on the market.

Utilising the advancements in modern technology, both devices provide a high-tech solution for protecting a vehicle from theft. Popular with owners of high-value cars, the Ghost Immobiliser and a vehicle tracker, like those with Thatcham approval, can work together to provide the most secure level of vehicle protection, providing peace of mind for drivers. 

In this article we will discuss the many benefits of these two pieces of technology and evaluate them working in conjunction with one another. 

The unique features of a Ghost Immobiliser 

One of the very best and most advanced security devices available today, a Ghost Immobiliser provides an advanced level of protection against vehicle theft. Compatible with the majority of major vehicle models, the immobiliser device can be installed discreetly and is undetectable. Requiring the input of a unique sequence code that the main driver can set, the vehicle is completely immobilised unless this sequence is entered correctly. Therefore preventing any way of a thief being able to drive away with the vehicle, even if they have managed to get inside. 

This is an excellent theft prevention solution against modern types of theft, such as relay car theft, which specifically targets keyless entry models. 

Is the Ghost Immobiliser a GPS tracking device?

The Ghost Immobiliser does not offer any vehicle tracking features, it is solely an immobiliser. With its main purpose being to stop anyone who is not authorised from driving the vehicle. Protecting against key theft, keyless entry and key cloning.

If you did want a tracking feature, in addition to the installation of a Ghost Immobiliser, many drivers choose to install an S7 vehicle tracking device. This is one of the most advanced options when it comes to GPS tracking systems and is Thatcham approved. 

How does a GPS tracker work 

A GPS tracker is a device that provides 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle’s location. No matter where you have left your car parked, if at home or away, the device will provide live tracking data of your vehicle directly to a connected mobile device. From this you can keep a close eye on your vehicle and receive alerts to any suspicious activity, reckless driving, or detection of movement.

What roles do these two systems play in preventing vehicle theft? 

Both systems can play a key role in the prevention of vehicle theft. With an immobiliser acting as a way to stop thieves in their tracks and a GPS tracker to assist in the theft recovery process. Both technologies are incredibly valuable and can play a major part in the fight against organised crime gangs that target high value vehicles and sell these for parts and through illegal stolen to order requests. 

Installing a Ghost Immobiliser with a tracker into your vehicle 

Recognising the benefits of both an immobiliser and a vehicle tracker, it is now very common for drivers, particularly those of prestige models, to combine the powers of a Ghost Immobiliser and a GPS tracker for a secure layer of protection. Not only helping to prevent theft and protect the value of their car but simply for peace of mind. The installation of both devices can be done quickly and efficiently and can be found included in many vehicle security packages offered by UK distributors. 

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