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HealthiMed Medical Aims to Boost Türkiye's Stake in Health Tourism with Tailored...

iMed Medical Aims to Boost Türkiye’s Stake in Health Tourism with Tailored Services

Zubeyde Akdas, the visionary behind iMed Medical, a health tourism agency based in Istanbul, highlighted that their offerings are tailored to the latest trends, akin to providing a personal assistant for health tourists in Türkiye. She emphasised the competitive edge Türkiye has in medical costs, being at least 30-40% less expensive than in the UK, Europe, and the US, thus making Istanbul an attractive destination for health tourists.

Akdas elaborated on their mission to augment the nation’s portion in the health tourism sector by facilitating connections between overseas patients and Türkiye’s esteemed health institutions and specialists, stating: “We have the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health. We provide services in plastic surgery, obesity and hair transplantation. Those who prefer Istanbul can plan their course of treatment by phone, online, or in consultation with our personal counselors in the Netherlands and Belgium.”

Türkiye’s Ascendancy in Health Tourism

A report by Future Market Insights, a US-based analysis firm, projects a 6.6% surge in Türkiye’s health tourism revenue from 3,751.6 million dollars in 2023 to the close of 2033.

Akdaş remarked on Türkiye’s burgeoning reputation in health tourism, saying:

“With its geographical location, cultural beauties, professional health personnel, and clinics, Türkiye, and mainly Istanbul, is the address of choice for people who desire to have better treatment services at more affordable prices. Turkish clinics that follow world trends enhance patient satisfaction with innovative treatments.”

Comprehensive Support: Interpreters and Personal Nurses

Akdas, Founder of iMed Medical, underlined their agency’s extensive offerings in the medical tourism sector, from plastic surgery to hair transplantation and obesity surgery, adding:

“Procedures do not only refer to surgical procedures for us. It is also a step towards redefining the beauty standards of individuals on their own terms. With the latest surgical techniques and a patient-centered approach, we offer a journey that is both transformative and comfortable. We have a wide choice of hospitals, surgeons, and medical staff. That’s why we don’t have a waiting list. After the necessary and desired treatments are determined, we quickly schedule and invite our foreign patients to Istanbul. Our patients are accommodated in 5-star luxury hotels. During your stay, we provide personalized services with the support of our interpreter, private nurse and team. Our patients can easily integrate their visits with vacations or business trips.”

A Return to Natural Aesthetics

“We follow all developments and innovations in the rapidly developing health tourism sector with about 45 colleagues. We prioritize the wishes of our patients. The preferences of celebrities have a great influence on foreign patients coming to Türkiye,” says Zubeyde Akdas,
“There is a comeback to the natural in aesthetics. The exaggerated look gave way to a natural appearance. Particularly celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, who decided to undergo hip reduction made statements supporting the natural appearance by expressing their experiences. These statements have not only raised awareness but also helped to normalize those reversing cosmetic regulations is a common choice. Women embraced natural body aesthetics. Especially buttock implant removal and BBL reduction operations have increased in popularity. The smaller and shaped butt appearance has become the new favorite of patients.”

Embracing Natural Beauty Without Implants

In her concluding remarks, Akdas affirmed their commitment to prioritising patient satisfaction and delivering VIP service, collaborating with specialist doctors, clinics, and top-tier hospitals:

“We listen to our patients and take their wishes into consideration to provide quality healthcare. Many women now seek comfort, natural beauty, and inner peace. In this regard, we have recently encountered mostly patients wishing to farewell their implants.
“Fashion and beauty standards change over time. Women who want to keep up with fashion may want smaller buttocks. Some women care too much about societal expectations. Others undergo surgery due to physical ailments. Overall, due to many external factors, women now prefer a firmer and smaller butt.”
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