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BlogCinquecento Comeback: The Revival of the Fiat 500

Cinquecento Comeback: The Revival of the Fiat 500

In 2007, Fiat decided to revive one of its most iconic models, the Fiat 500, known as the Cinquecento by the Italians. The Cinquecento was launched to maintain Fait 500’s native design, but implants modern techs and features that were absent in older models – to attract modern drivers and re-enter the market as before.

The 2007 Fiat 500 (Cinquecento) inarguably revived the series, modern drivers started reconsidering the iconic Fiat 500 once again. But did the impact last for a long time? Are Fait 500s still invoke as they used to? Let’s look at the impact of the 2007 Cinquecento in reviving the Fiat 500 small car from the 90s.

Fiat 500 Overview

First introduced in 1957, the Fiat 500 quickly became a symbol of Italian automotive ingenuity and style. Its compact size, distinctive design, and affordability made it instantly popular in the market, especially in urban environments where maneuverability and efficiency were much needed by drivers.

Over the years, technologies used in manufacturing the Fiat 500 evolved, but the design remained unchanged, just like Toyota’s FJ Cruiser. However, production for the Fiat 500 stopped in 1975 and the model was replaced with the Fait 126. Fast forward to 2007, when the company celebrated its 50th anniversary – a new Fait 500 was launched.

The 2007 Fait 500 was aimed to maintain the physical attributes of the original 500 while meeting the demands of modern drivers. The design retained the essence of the classic Cinquecento, with its rounded shape, cheerful demeanor, and compact size. However, under the hood and within the cabin, the Fiat 500 boasted modern engineering and technological changes.

2007 Fiat 500 Features

This model maintained rounded headlights, circular aesthetics, and a sleek front grille; yeah, it looked like the old 500 we all knew. But, this new model came with customization options for its buyers to compare and personalize their Fiat 500 with unique colors, decals, and accessories.

To prove it was made for modern drivers, this model was built with contemporary features at that moment to improve driver and passenger comfort, convenience, and safety. The interior has a touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth wireless connectivity support.

Also, there are advanced safety features like electronic stability control and multiple airbags – despite its compact size. Under the hood, this compact roadster offered a range of engine options, including diesel and electric powertrains. The Fiat 500’s nimble handling, tight turning radius, and responsive steering made it ideal for navigating crowded city streets and tight parking spaces.

Including these modern features and variable options for modern shoppers to choose from made the 2007 Fait 500 go a bit viral when it launched. Both loyalists of the Fiat 500 and new drivers who wanted to have a feel got one for themselves. Also, this newer version made the company’s reach extend further into different global markets.

From North America to Asia, the 2007 Cinquecento penetrated the heart of drivers worldwide, and there was a massive request for the model. Of course, the popular and wide acceptance is not unconnected to 500’s unique blend of Italian flair and practicality – along with the compact size that made it well-suited for navigating congested cityscapes.

Fiat 500 Oil

fiat oil

Image of fiat 500 engine oil taken from sparepartstore24.co.uk

There are different recommendable oils to use on the new Fiat 500, but the most suitable is the 5W30 full synthetic. This synthetic oil offers better lubrication in hot and cold temperatures, which also provides the engine with premium additives to keep the components working perfectly.

Challenges and Competition

Despite its initial success, the Fiat 500 faced challenges in the competitive automotive market. Rivals in the compact car segment offered their own interpretations of urban mobility, presenting consumers with a plethora of choices.


The revival of the Fiat 500 in 2007 really did good to the icon small car; it did capture the interest of many modern drivers, thanks to the modern features added. Performance-wise, the 2007 Fait 500 wasn’t the best in its class, but it does produce enough power and fine handling for city driving. More so, while there are many oils you could use for the engine, 5W30 full synthetic oils are the best to use.

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