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BlogBeyond Snapshots: Unleash the Epic with 360 Photo Booths

Beyond Snapshots: Unleash the Epic with 360 Photo Booths

Have you ever been to a party that’s felt more like a dentist’s waiting room than a fun-filled fiesta? The awkward air guitar solos, guests glued to their phones, and tired old photo booths that no one’s interested in, are all a thing of the past with the magical 360 photo booth.

These booths completely throw out the rule book of how a photo book should look and will make your event the talk of the town. You’ll have your guests flocking to the camera like moths to lights, all wanting to create some fun in a truly unique way.

Theme Twister: From Fairytale Weddings to Corporate Shenanigans

No matter the type of celebration, 360 photo booth hire will be one of your best decisions. Picture your guests whirling and twirling amidst a whimsical forest backdrop after they’ve witnessed your ‘I dos’, adorning flower crowns.

Who said suits and ties can’t rock? Bring your corporate party to new heights where you battle your colleagues to find the victor of the best air drum solo. With customer overlays and company logos, even the boardroom becomes a battleground of epic proportions.

Got a product to launch? Want to make it skyrocket? Strap in and blast off with a 360 photo booth. It will teleport your guests into a virtual world with your latest gadget, sharing the excitement on social media faster than you can say ‘viral sensation’.

From birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and corporate parties, the 360 photo booth can handle it. With it’s chameleon-like ability to adapt to any theme, your guests will be the stars of the shows.

Customise The Way You Want To

Oversized sunglasses, inflatable instruments, superhero masks, funky hats – the crazier, the better. Let your guests unleash their inner child and create 360 masterpieces that scream ‘party of the year’. If props weren’t quite enough, why not transport your guests to different world?

From Mars and outer space to Hawaii, the Maldives, and South Africa, the possibilites are truly endless. With the magic of green screen your guests can be anywhere they wish at the drop of a hat.

Make your mark by adding your brand logo. If you’re using the 360 photo booth for a product launch, you’ll be able to make your mark with customer filters, overlays and logos. This puts your brand front and centre, ensuring every share spreads the word like wildfire.

Achieve instant Insta-Fame with social edia integration, email options and QR codes. Showing off your epic event has never been easier and who doesn’t like showing off some of those epic moments captured on film.

Beyond the Pics Where Memories are Made

The 360 photo booth isn’t just a camera and some pixels on a screen – they’re shareable keepsakes that prolong the party. Every time the video is watched, your guests will be transported back to that moment in time re-living the vibes long after the confetti falls.

These magical booths turn even the shyiest of people into social butterflies. On the platform, friendships will be forged, laughter will be had, and memories will be made. It’s almost a no brainer for your next event.

Its not just the memories and friendships that make 360 photo booths so great. It’s their ability to allow you to forget the business cards. Get your guest to become the walking, talking billboards for your brand with personalised 360 photos complete with your logo. Your brand will soon spread like wildfire.

Don’t Just Party, Make History

In a world full of snooze-worthy soirees, be the spark that ignites the party revolution. Encourage your guests to re-think what they know about photo booths and let them run wild with customisations, props, and share-worthy videos. Your party will be the talk the town and internet. Take a look at Poptop for a range of suppliers for your next event. After all, why settle for snapshots when you can unleash power of video.

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