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BusinessSoftLoft's innovative ecommerce solutions open up a hidden market for Mothercare

SoftLoft’s innovative ecommerce solutions open up a hidden market for Mothercare

Discover how SoftLoft revolutionized Mothercare’s online presence, expanding its reach and efficiency. Dive into the success story of how tailored e-commerce solutions can drive remarkable market growth and customer satisfaction.

 The well-known Mothercare brand has been around since 1972. This company sells products for mothers-to-be and mothers taking care of babies. Their products are useful and necessary for everyday use. The company has achieved a high level of productivity with its classic business model. This helps mothers in their daily routine and to take care of their children in quality.

In the world of modern competition, the company was confidently holding its own, but they were unable to move forward. So they started looking for innovative e-commerce solutions. It was the right step to engage the SoftLoft team.

SoftLoft paved the way for Mothercare’s breakthrough development

We started active work with Mothercare and focused not only on improving the existing service. We set our sights on expanding to the Middle East. Furthermore, we faced a number of obstacles.

It was necessary to overcome intercultural barriers for a new audience, provide access to a comfortable interface in another region, synchronize payment and delivery systems, and establish interaction between large nodes at an impressive distance.

What results did Mothercare achieve from working with SoftLoft?

We can say right away that we have achieved everything and more. We had to analyze tons of data, develop plans, create new algorithms, and hone the systems to a flawless state.

The company started operating on the other side of the world with great success.

Thanks to the opening of new spaces, website traffic increased by 50%, the customer base grew by 35%, and the level of satisfaction of regular customers increased by 25%. All of this has resulted in stable and large-scale revenue for the company.

We made sure that every user would be satisfied. Therefore, we upgraded the platform and services. Now they can withstand a load of 300%.

Thanks to good decisions, the company’s economic cushion has grown. We have reduced internal costs by 30%. By integrating automation systems, we have accelerated productivity by 40%.

Doesn’t it seem like a lot? But you can only imagine the scale. It looks like yesterday you had one pizza, and thanks to our results, today you have a whole pizzeria.

Such things as reliability, security and stable operation are not worth mentioning at all. These aspects are always at the center of attention and are never lost sight of.

Yes, we have made efforts and played an important role in helping the company make significant progress. This is our work, this is your success!

What problems can SoftLoft solve for you?

Soft Loft treats all clients with equal respect. We are happy to work with everyone. We can create a business for a beginner, customize the system of an existing business, find gaps in a large company, fix them, expand the sphere of influence, and improve competitiveness.

In the example of Mothercare, we can demonstrate several problems that were successfully solved:

1) The need for instant inventory across multiple channels

We solved this problem by integrating OMS, which allowed us to track inventory in real time. All platforms showed customers up-to-date data on the number of balances. Now no one will hear a call from the manager that the product is out of stock.

2) Clear coordination of all departments of the company

Based on the Enterprise Service Bus, we have created a single network for shared data transmission so that everyone receives information in a timely manner. The main center and all nodes know what’s happening right now, even at a distance of tens of thousands of miles.

3) Combine several third-party systems into a single network with full functionality

Not all systems are immediately capable of interacting with each other. We have erased this barrier. The intermediate level was created to ensure the integrity of the global system with the inclusion of all necessary nodes. All systems are now able to communicate and interact.

4) Scalability with high traffic volumes requires management

For this task, we used the Magento Commerce Cloud. After the successful implementation of the technology, we conducted a critical maximum load and made sure that customers did not feel discomfort and everything was functioning correctly.

And this is just a quick list of what we’ve been working on.

What SoftLoft has used for this

We used Magento Commerce Cloud and PHP (Symfony, Zend Framework, and Magento Framework) to accomplish the tasks, paying special attention to security and scalability. We also used RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, ESB, etc. All the tools were chosen for their adaptability and ability to be customized for specific needs. We took all of this as a basis and then modified, programmed, and adapted it to specific problems. This way, we achieved the exact goals, and our client was satisfied.

SoftLoft helps everyone

It was a vivid example of how a well-known company received a tangible boost for its development. They set clear requirements and got even more than they expected.

Don’t be silent about difficulties. Solve all the tasks in one complex. Trust us, and you will definitely see the same results. Do not focus on the level of world giants, go even higher with SoftLoft. 

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