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Bifold Doors vs. Sliding Doors: Which Is the Right Choice for Your Home? Expert Insights from Matthew Leach, Director of Aluminium Doors Direct

Bifold doors, often praised for their ability to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, have gained significant popularity in recent years. But how do they differ from sliding doors, and which option is the best fit for your home?

Understanding the Distinction:

Bifold doors operate by folding back in a concertina-style manner. Typically, two to seven panels, hinged together, travel along a concealed track in the floor, ceiling, or both. In contrast, sliding doors consist of two or more large glass panes that slide horizontally to the end of a frame. One notable difference is that bifold doors require space for the panels to stack on one side, while sliding doors do not extend outward.

Functionality, Pros, and Cons of Each:

Matthew Leach, Director of Aluminium Doors Direct, highlights the distinct features of each door design:

“Bi-fold doors have the primary benefit of being able to be folded all the way back, virtually opening up one wall to your patio and garden. Your property will look more impressive with a seamless indoor-outdoor space.

“On the other hand, traditional sliding doors often only allow for a 65 percent opening to the left or right. Pocket doors may be useful, these are glass doors that open up a larger space by sliding into unnoticed crevices in exterior walls.

“Slider doors provide you more control. They can be opened a fraction of an inch for a gentle breeze, a few feet to nip outside, or all the way to allow in fresh air.   If you choose a bifold system, a “traffic door” or access leaf is a choice to take into account, especially if it’s the sole door leading to the garden.”

Aesthetics: Which Design Enhances Your Home’s Beauty?

Matthew discusses which door design complements your interior schemes:

“Fewer panels and greater glass expanses allow for more natural light to enter your home, making sliding doors a huge bonus for modern and contemporary schemes.

“Bi-fold doors can be pulled back to widen the aperture, but when closed, there is a lot more vertical frame exposed than with sliding doors. Sliding doors simply have a higher glass to frame ratio, and little blocks the view of your garden or the countryside behind it which can be aesthetically pleasing and add to open schemes. If you want to maximise natural light or have larger, year-round views of your garden, sliding doors can be a better choice.”

Cost Effectiveness: Which Option Offers Better Value?

In an era where both budget-consciousness and environmental concerns are prevalent, Matthew provides guidance on cost-effective and energy-efficient design solutions:

“They’re both similar in price, it depends on the configurations. However, sliding doors with a few panes become noticeably more expensive as they become wider because huge single units of glass are quite expensive.
“Because they have a smaller frame, sliding doors are typically more thermally efficient than bifold doors. However, both sliding and bi-folding doors can be customised to meet clients needs.”

For more information about Aluminium Doors Direct’s designs and services, please visit their website.

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Sam Allcock
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