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ArtThe MacIntyre Art Theory Unveiled: Exhibition Showcasing Ian MacIntyre's Original Works

The MacIntyre Art Theory Unveiled: Exhibition Showcasing Ian MacIntyre’s Original Works

Anticipation builds as the grand exhibition of Ian MacIntyre‘s extraordinary paintings and prints is set to take place at WASPS Patriothall Gallery in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. From the 12th of July, art enthusiasts can indulge in a week-long showcase of MacIntyre’s thought-provoking creations. Adding to the excitement, the opening evenings will feature a mesmerising fifteen-minute cantata composed by Max, the artist’s talented son. Accompanied by four singers and a pianist, this captivating performance will take place in the gallery, setting the tone for the exhibition. The cantata cleverly encapsulates the controversial theme of the show, drawing inspiration from MacIntyre’s essay titled “Ian MacIntyre’s Theory of Art: revealed in a brief conversation.”

The essay’s narrative unfolds in the near future, where Mickey, an old friend from art school, recognises Ian’s voice on the radio discussing the exhibition. Intrigued by the current state of art, which he finds perplexing and contradictory, Mickey seeks Ian’s perspective. Their lighthearted stroll through the streets of Edinburgh becomes a delightful recap of their personal art experiences and the evolution of art history. Amidst their banter, they delve into the significance of Primitive Art, their own artistic endeavors during primary and secondary school, the impact of post-Impressionism, and contemporary art since then.

Towards the end of their conversation, as they approach the Belford Road Gallery of Modern Art, Ian reveals a carefully curated list from his pocket. The list features approximately seventy-five artists spanning from 1890 to the present day, divided into three categories: A group (labelled “meaningful and abstract”), B group (“meaningful but not abstract – too realistic”), and C group (“abstract but not meaningful – too abstract”). Ian explains that every artist in the world falls into one of these groups, emphasising the significance of his A group as the most important and challenging to be part of. He introduces the concept of “Mother Art,” symbolising the guiding force that leads artists towards a strong, individual style—a theme recurring throughout the essay.

Ian’s theory proposes that the new and exceptional art, referred to as “own style” art, has been present all along, often overlooked during the Britart and conceptual art era. In contrast, groups B and C are considered alternative paths for artists who cannot achieve the standards set by group A. This perspective challenges conventional notions of artistic success, exploring the integrity and honesty that underlie great art.

The exhibition itself, showcasing MacIntyre’s distinctive “own style” art, alongside the mesmerising cantata composition and performance, promises to be a remarkable tour de force. The essay, serving as a radical and thought-provoking companion piece, presents an uncompromising analysis of what constitutes great art. With its bold predictions, the essay suggests that this exhibition will be remembered simply as “The MacIntyre Show.”

Mark your calendars for the opening on Wednesday, 12th July 2023 at 6.30 pm, running until Tuesday, 18th July 2023. The live cantata performances will captivate audiences on Wednesday, 12th July, and Thursday, 13th July at 7.00 pm, with free admission.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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